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Running head- Social work in a rural area SOCIAL WORK IN RURAL AREA

1Social work in a rural area IntroductionIn this assignment social work in the remote or rural area has been discussed. Social work practice in a rural and urban area has also been mentioned. Policy related to social work has also been detailed in this assignment.Answer 1In order to complete this section of assignment, we have selected Kiwirrkurra community area asa most rural or remote community area in Australia. This area is a very rural area in Australia. It is a small community in the area in the western part of Australia. It is near the Gibson Desert. According to the statistic of 2014 it had nearby 421 population. It was established early in the 1980s. And this area is much undeveloped in regards to drainage and transportation. Here the family and aboriginal people who are residing are not enabled to provide the quality of educationto their children not they are able to have a proper drainage system in their area nor they have proper infrastructure regarding roads transportation. Many of the aboriginals are residing there invery worst condition (Kiwirrkurra et al., 2015). Due to not having the easy access to road transportation and proper healthcare facility in their region people of Kiwirrkurra are suffering from many health diseases and are not able to get proper health facility. So due to this people are suffering a lot in Kiwirrkurra region. Involvement of this Kiwirrkurra region with other developed region is very little and they are really striving hard to survive. During the time of the 1980s, no proper government initiative has been taken to redress the situation of the Kiwirrkurra community people. And due to this they are in worst condition and fighting for their survival. During the period of the 1960s, many groups began making the contact with the developed region but dint found success. So again they are living in their traditional style of hunter-gathers.

2Social work in a rural area Impact of Kiwirrkurra community on the social, cultural, political and geographical sphereof rurality.Kiwirrkurra community is the most remote and undeveloped community area in the western part of Australia. Kiwirrkurra region has no proper drainage system which is hampering the overall community development. Due to lack of drainage system, it is causing the life threating challenges for the Kiwirrkurra region people.Lack of drainage leads to having poor waste management habits and this is adversely affecting the environment and society. Due to this Flooding occurs and causing the damage to the propertyand destruction of the crops and plant. So in this way, the overall social and environmental environment is been affected by not having the proper drainage system in the Kiwirrkurra region.As there is no proper transportation facility available in Kiwirrkurra region which has adversely affected the cultural as well as the political environment of that region. Due to lack of transportation facility, people of the Kiwirrkurra are less politically strong. Due to less education system standard of living is also very poor and disguised affecting the overall development of thesociety.Due to low infrastructure regarding the transportation facility Kiwirrkurra region is unable to connect with other developed regions so the pace of development in regards to society is not possible and up to the mark. As here, in this case, Kiwirrkurra region no proper transportation is available which is impacting the culture of the region as people are not able to contact with other developed regions so they are unable to change and uplift their culture. They will follow their traditional culture only they will not be able to change their culture according to the demanding situation. So due to lack of

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