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1Computer Technology Innovation has transformed ourselves by expanding the speed of time. Since innovation is changing our lives each second. Robots are our new human model and toward the end, just robots control this world. Innovation is presently attempting to go inside the human body and it's nearly there and the objective is human blood and feelings. Computer technology makes businessand different fields quicker and simpler. Helps all understudies including poor understudies and understudies with inabilities, master essential and propelled aptitudes required for the universe ofwork for detailed explanation kindly visit online computer assignment help. The technological and mechanical advancement has dependably given humankind the unexpected headway that hasdependably filled in as the way for dynamic improvements. The development of the computer technology and accessibility of the web has completely altered the world in an effective way and has enabled the human kind at each end with the intensity of the ultra-quick virtual world. Introduction Computer as we all know that is a part of or as a result of technological development. Computer technology is the combination of both hardware and software which made easier for the user to solve the complex and dynamic problems in an efficient manner. It is directly connected with theinformation technology and hence it covers a developing list of numerous software system devises and programs for more information take help from online assignment help. Computer technology basically includes networking, programming, database design and various development that ensure proper working of the computer and other devices.. Importance of computer technology In an era of globalization and modernization, nothing is confined to the nation as everything is going out of the nation and to compete with the global environment and to keep oneself updated so here the role of computer-based technology arises and hence make the computer-based technology immensely important. Utilization of computer-based technology on a regular basis in individual life is of immense importance. It is because computer technology has positively impacted on the lives and it is evident in every sphere and walk of life. The human mind has achieved almost everything just by the power of imagination for detailed information visit assignment help online. Technology has also changed the way the business organization uses to do their business with the help of computer technology and the introduction of the computer-based technology almost all the business organization has changed their way of doing business.

2Computer Technology Now all the paper and stationary work have been replaced with digital work and computer technology also made the business communication effective and faster.Faster business communication enables sound relationship which is a result of technological developmentComputer-based technology enhances the ease of mobilityComputer-based technology and information technology made the world available at the click of a mouse Computer-based technology is a useful servant and help in solving the complex problem at hand in a simple mannerWhat does computer technology do?Computer technology is directly linked with the information technology and it is mainly used forthe study of networks that is computer networks and computers. Computer-based technology is used to solve the complex problem with the help of human interference. Human interference is been used to exactly make the computer technology works effectively and efficiently. Computer technology is used to do networking, database designing, and other programming function. It also improves the functionality of the work from time to time in order to get a strategic and competitive advantage in the global, dynamic environment. It also solves mathematical operations and helps in processing the bulk of information. Technologies provide the facilities ofinternet access which in return enables the individual and others to establish proper communication relation as well as also ensure fast and efficient communication process. In nutshell, it can be concluded that computer-based technology helps the work performance easier and make the end result more reliable. It also helps in resolving the complex issues and to effectively address the global challenges. It makes the numerous calculation and complex calculation easier for the individual. Scope of computer-based technology and career in the computer fieldScope of computer-based technology is vast and vital. In the coming future scope of computer technology or information technology will be at its increasing point owing to its numerous advantage and components. Student of computer-based technology has a lot of job opportunity inthe global market. There is job opportunity like a mobile application developer, software

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