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2Computer architecture is the process of arranging the hardware and the software together forcreating a computer system. It includes the building of a computer system and all the elementswhich carry on in the computer system. It represents those features of a computer system thatimpact the logical implementation of several programs. The main elements of a computer systemare the memory, processors, input as well as output device and many communication channelsfor connecting them. It concerns the machines organizations, applications, interfaces,technology, memory.In simple words, computer architecture describes the designs as well as the integration of themany devices into a single unit. There are mainly three elements for architecture and they are theinternal device, the input or output device, and the way in computer works. The output devicesrefer to the electronic device for providing the outcomes to users.Computer architecture mainly consists of there categories and they areSystem design- it refers to every hardware part of the computer such as data processor, CPU,memory controllers, multiprocessors, as well as direct memory access directly. This partrepresents the actual computer system.Instruction set architecture- this includes the functions and the capabilities of the CPU, dataformats, the several programming of the CPU, types of processor registration and variousinstructions that the computer system uses. This is an element of software which makes a systemrun. The two different processors could have a similar instruction set architecture but separatemicroarchitectures.Microarchitechture-it represents data processing as well as the data storage or path of the data.It also shows the way data are to be implemented into the architecture of the instruction set.
3These could involve DVD storage devices or some similar devices. It is the internal architectureod the processor along with datapath.The elements of computer architectureComputer architectures represent the standard of the software, instruction of hardware andtechnology infrastructure defining how computers, platforms or systems and programs operate. .This architecture mainly includes basic things likeInput unitOutput unitStorage unitArithmetic logic unitControl unitInput devices are used to connect the external data with the internal system of the computer. Itprovides instructions and data to the computer. It delivers processed data or information to thecomputer.The output device is used for connecting the internal data to the user. It is to provide outcomes ofany process or computation.A strong unit is used to holding the instruction and data. Besides, it stores the immediateoutcome before sending it to the outputs. This is of two types including the primary storage andsecondary storage. The primary storage stores those data that are currently executing. it storesdata temporarily. On the other hand, the secondary data is used for storing the data permanently.Every calculation or computation is performed in the arithmetic logical unite of the computer. Itis for basic calculation such as addition and subtraction along with multiplication anddivision.after completion of the operation, the processed data is again sent to the storage unit.
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