Waterproofing Management - Maris Polymers Vs Qicesal


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2Introduction Maris Polymers is a manufacturer of resins and polyurethane liquid- applied waterproofing membrane. The sale of the company is spread in approx 70 countries including Middle East, Asia, America, Middle East, and South East Asia. The company operates in these countries either with the help of local distributors or through affiliated countries (Marispolymers, 2017).Qicesal is a manufacturer of joint sealants, adhesives, concrete repair motar, and waterproofing. To meet the needs of the industry the company also produces environment-friendly and green products. It operates in Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia (Quicseal, 2016).In the following report comparison between the two companies will be conducted along with conducting market analysis. The market analysis will be based on PESTEL analysis, industry analysis along with projecting the growth of each industry.Industry AnalysisB2B Market Segmentation Maris PolymersQicesalThe company has a wide range of distributors and there are different segments of flooring segment, waterproofing system, coating, sealers joint sealanthas flooring and waterproofing projects in 70 Qicseal also deal with waterproofing and water repellant products, sealants, epoxies, additives, repair and various segments and have targeted its projects to residential in private and HDB unit,

3countries. It is mainly targeted towards the construction of terrace, roof, balcony.commercial and industrial areas, transportation including airports and is targeted to various international projects including hotels in China, Malaysia. Other than this the targeted segment includes schools and parks (Qicesal, 2017).On analyzing the b2B segmentation of both the companies it has been found that Maris Polymersbasically deals in the construction of terrace, roof, balcony, and Qiceseal targeted area is broader than Mayris polymers as Qiceseal area of the project is wider than Maris polymers.Industrial Analysis PESTLE AnalysisPoliticalSince Singapore is a democratic nation there is political stability in the nation which creates a big opportunity for the business houses to flourish and expand. This is the reason why both the waterproofing companies have a worldwide base and operate in so many countries (Pestel analysis, 2015)EconomicalSingapore waterproofing industry is developing at a faster pace and it can be seen from the widespread business of the waterproofing industry worldwide. The industry has invested heavily and has played a big role in diversifying the economySocial/CulturalThere is a tendency to work hard which has led to an increase in the productivity of the nation thus favoring growth of the industry. Customers have shown high purchasing power which is a favorable point for the industry to growTechnologicalThe industry has been using Thermoplastic and Thermo set Membrane and has shifted from its traditional system of using admixtures, grouting. The advantage of using thermoplastic is that

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