87-B1, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.. My name is Farrah Khan

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87-B1, Gulberg III, Lahore,Pakistan.My name is Farrah Khan and I am currently a student at Newcastle University, England. I amresearching education vouchers in Pakistan, with a keen interest in improving education in Pakistan.The project is organised through Newcastle University. The aim of the research is to investigate theimpact of education vouchers on an “education community” within a developing country setting.The education community includes government officials, school owners, teachers, parents, andchildren. The investigation will also take place around the implementation of the EVS scheme,currently in place at your schools.I am hoping to conduct the research at your school. I hope to carry out examinations of 400students, 200 who receive vouchers and 200 who do not, across EVS schools in Punjab. These examswill consist of Urdu, English and Maths, followed by a questionnaire and IQ tests, aimed at childrenbetween 10-12 years of age. I am hoping to conduct the research at your schools with yourpermission. The research will help us gain a better understanding of education vouchers and wayswe can improve education in Pakistan, to ensure every child has access to quality education. I will inthe end, come back and talk with you about what we have found in the study.There are many benefits to the study. This involves helping improve education, providing qualityeducation for all, and ways we can extend (if needed) access to education vouchers to encompass awide range of backgrounds.No direct benefits to the children are expected from participation.However, others may benefit in the future from the information we find in this study, as the mainbenefit from the study will arise in the research results.We will take the following steps to keep information about the children confidential, and to protectit from unauthorised disclosure, tampering, or damage. All results will be given numbers or letters–they will have no names and there will be no way of finding out who did what. All results will be usedsolely for the purpose of this study and will not be passed on to a third party. Results will not beshared with other students, parents or teachers. We need to protect who you are and your resultsso all the information will be kept on a computer that is protected.The study will take place during school time, where the children have the option of opting out of thestudy if they wish. Additionally, I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the vouchers, it wouldbe my pleasure if I could interview some of the teachers at your school and yourself, the schoolmanager, during this time too.If you have any other further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on the informationprovided above.Thank you,Farrah Khan5
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