What Are the Ethical Issues in an Organization?


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1Blog: What are the Ethical issuesin an organization?

2What are the Ethical issues in an organization?27th June 2019 A business organization operates with the objective of conduct in all the business operations and processes effectively and ethically. Ethics is one of the key components of success for a business establishment because it formulates the guidelines of services to the various stakeholders of the business entity. As such, it is indispensable for every business organization irrespective of its sector of operation to abide by the ethical codes of conduct as formulated by the management of the business establishment. We can observe that many of the companies worldwide a reputed for their ethical business conduct such as the multinational corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, and others. These companies are known tohave a stringent and effective business code of ethics by which the company remains ethical and fair towards the employees as also with the other stakeholders of the companies. Some of the major ethical issues within an organization consists of social media use, technology and privacy concerns, business travel ethics, perils of employee favoritism and finally, the bad leadership behavior.Social Media UseThe usage of social media within a company needs to be effectively monitored and controlled by the management so that there is a certain restriction on the posts that are made by the employees on the social media accounts of the company. It is essential for the management toobserve the conduct of the employees in terms of what they are posting about the company and its several products and services on the social media pages of the company itself. If an employee or a group of employees is posting harmful content on the social media pages of the employer then it can be considered as an act of unethical behavior and lack of loyalty to the employer. Often, many employees post negative comments about their employers on social media pages of the companies which can draw negative reactions from the people visiting the social media page of the company and it has the potential to diminish the public image of the company. Therefore, it is essential for the management to develop robust and clear guidelines and principles about the liberty of using social media by the employees during working hours and also after the official working hours.

3Regulations regarding Social Media useThere should be a clear set of boundaries regarding what tantamount to infringement of the social media rules and regulations. An employee should be honest and dedicated enough to take care of this issue and should never post anything negative about the employer on the social media page of the company. If there are any issues that the employees are facing within an organization then those should be discussed directly with the managers of the management personnel of the business establishment. Hence, it is evident that taking care of the social media postings by the employees about their employers is a responsibility of the employees working in an organization.Personal Ethics of Employees regarding Social Media useAnother issue involving the use of social media within a workplace is the use of social media for entertainment and personal purposes during office hours. These incidents must be discouraged within the workplace because this attitude of a few employees might soon spread like an epidemic and has the potential to harm the organizational and the work culture within the business establishment. Employees should always remember that they are supposed to dedicate their full commitment and sincerity towards employers. The employers are compensating them with salaries, bonuses and several other rewards and recognition and therefore it is legitimate andwithin the rights of the employees to expect some honesty and sincerity on the part of the employees. So, it is the responsibility of an employee to dedicate all the official working hours behind constructive official tasks and not to waste time by spending on social media for the purpose of entertainment. We cannot deny the usefulness of social media in business because social media is one of the effective marketing tools. It has become an inevitable part of the lives of the employees. The evolving nature of several means of social media has increased the difficulties in distinguishing between professional and personal sitting on the platform of social media. It is very important for the business owners to take ample care of potential ethical issues with the help of a set of policies in response to social media use for the employees. The policies should be able to cover the ways the social media platform could be used by the workers and employees while they are in what place. They should also be allowed to speak out about their experiences with their workplace on a public forum and social media pages. With the help of

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