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TIME CASE STUDY[Document subtitle]
1Executive summaryThe assignment is based on the case study i.e. Problems at Build it Supplies. As the things werechanged when Dave joined the company as the new sales manager. Further, the assignment willhelp in understanding the significant practices and the concepts of the human resourcemanagement which will be relevant to the case study. The measures will be given as being at theposition of the sales manager how I will improve the performance of the team and theperformance of the older member of the company i.e. Barry. Further, the recruitment process andthe various techniques for the selection of new applicant as the sales manager in place of Davewill be given.Human Resource management concept and practicesEarlier, human resource management was called as the personnel management as he wasinterested in the activities of the one department. He was more interested with the regimen ofhumans. The functions of the department were, recruitment, selection, appraisal, reward,handling of grievance, etc. But now, HRM is defined as the procedure which recruits the humanresource and mobilizes them in gaining the objectives and targets of the organization (Singh etal., 2012). Human resource management is more interested in the dimension of people in themanagement in which the preference is given to the recruitment, development, selection,motivation, etc. of the organization’s resources. These are the most significant functions of themanagement as it helps in increasing the competencies of the employees. As the performance ofthe company relies on the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.If we see the case study, then we can easily understand that the employees were not getting anytraining and development in order to improve their skills and expertise. The concept which the
2company of human resource management which the company was using was not relevant as theywere only providing the rewards to the employees on an annual basis according to their achievedsales target. They were not getting any training and development to improve their effectiveness.Moreover, Dave was hiring new talent, and he was not giving a chance to the existing employeesto occupy the vacant positions. This resulted as the discouragement in the employees, and theywere leaving the organization. Dave was only firing the employees who were not giving desiredsales target results without even understanding the main problem behind this. And because of therelationship of Dave and employees has impacted adversely. Dave became rude with theemployees as well. Further, there was no equality as the team members of Dave were all malewho were directly reporting to him. The company should have used the relevant concept ofhuman resource management like the department of the human resource should be interested inthe development of expertise and skills of the humans. The human resource should haveidentified the potential of the employees while recruiting new talent from the outside. The humanresource department should have focused on the maintenance of the human resource in thecompany instead of only rewarding them (Ehnert et al., 2014). The motivation level was not toohigh in the employees as they were only getting rewards for the sales target which was alsodeclining every year because the sales of the company were declining. It was important for thehuman resource department to encourage the employee in order to improve their efficiency andeffectiveness.The company didn’t use the adequate practices of human resource management in order to valuethe human resource and retain them. Further, the company should have used the good practicesof human resource management as they are instrumental which helps in gaining the individualand company’s objectives and also encourages the productivity. The company should have used
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