Journal of Physical Therapy Education

Write an essay based on a job or education experience, demonstrating effective communication and reflection on individual performance.

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Journal of Physical Therapy Education

Write an essay based on a job or education experience, demonstrating effective communication and reflection on individual performance.

   Added on 2022-08-23

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The essay has been prepared to demonstrate about my own performance while
working as a HR manager at Tesco, one of the largest multinational retail supermarket chains
in United Kingdom. My experience while working as a HR manager at Tesco has been great
which not only has helped me to manage the human resources effectively, but has also
facilitated the ability to manage creativity and innovation within the organisation. The main
intention for writing this essay has been to acquire knowledge and understanding about the
views on the roles of working as a HR manager and science of reflection along with the
issues surrounding the reflective practice.
The entire discussion has been entirely based on the appraisal of the concept of
reflection from the perspectives of the area of practice and also analysing what and how it has
been possible. The structured reflection model introduced or proposed by Driscoll has helped
me to present the incident and allowed me to reflect my views on effective communication
practice, which has improved my performance within the workplace much more effectively
(De Alencar 2016). For me, the reflective practice has always been much more than just a
thoughtful practice, which has not only helped me to determine the situation, but also has
allowed me to acquire knowledge and skills about the learning situations, thereby, created
greater scopes and opportunities for me to learn, grow, develop as well as practice while
learning new things. While working as a HR Manager, I dealt with numerous employees and
have been involved in different kinds of situations, which also raised my skills and potential
to perform effectively and gain awareness about what thing is right and what is wrong to do
(2013). Moreover, I have kept an open mind about what and how we do things while at the
same time, gained awareness regarding the ways things are to be done.
Journal of Physical Therapy Education_2
Being a HR Manager, I was assigned with the duties and responsibilities of managing the
human resources, i.e., the employees carefully and take care of their needs properly. My
communication and interpersonal skills largely improved as I managed to communicate with
employees regularly to resolve their queries and at the same time, made sure not to pressurise
them to carry on their tasks. It was my duty to keep them free from getting involved into
conflicts and this has largely helped me to create a healthy workforce too (Zeffane et al.
Rather than criticizing anyone for their tasks or putting blames or penalties for their
wrong doings, I made sure to compare and contrast the results while at the same time,
acquired feedbacks and opinions from each of them to ensure that the problems and issues are
resolved quite effectively. Considering the various aspects of reflection, I emphasized on
commitment, contradiction, conflict, challenge and support, creativity and innovation as well.
Based on the Driscoll cycle, I have acquire experience of working as a HR manager in proven
practice while working at Tesco, UK. There were often conflicts and misunderstandings
between the team members, which I was informed about by one of the team members. I
communicated with both the employees of the organisation who were involved in the conflict
and then analysed the situation, which allowed me to describe the event and find out the root
cause, which was basically due to the varied opinions among the team members. With this, I
managed to make them understand about the necessity of teamwork and collaborate with
each other so as to make decisions while at the same time, undertake necessary actions that
could be helpful for bringing positive outcomes in business (Plack et al. 2008). Moreover, I
also learned the importance of motivation and often praised the performances of workers and
provided them with good rewards and benefits, which helped in keeping them encouraged
and motivated as a whole. From these actions, I acquired a lot of skills and knowledge, which
facilitated my learning experience and also contributed to the creativity and innovation to
Journal of Physical Therapy Education_3

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