LD9631: Developing Research Informed Learning and Practice

Added on - Dec 2020

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BECM Personal learning logLD9631 Developing Research Informed Learning and PracticeTopicWhat I did.Here you should list the Activities both in class and out of classyou did during the week.Reflections.Here you should reflect upon the activities you did and comment onyour performance in these activities including any achievements or barriers youencountered.Try to develop Solutions to any barriers of learning.Week 1.MLO 1 Yourknowledge ofbusiness andmanagementtopics at leastsome of whichare at, orinformed by,the forefront ofaspects of thedisciplineSelection of topicIn fist week, I searched for different topic which should be based onbusiness and management topics and by which I could improve myknowledge of business and management. There were many topics whichcould have been selected to increase my business knowledge and it wasreally difficult for me to select a particular topic. I listed many topics whichwere trending and will increase my business knowledge. After, a deepresearch I came up with a topic “Brexit” and its imapct on SME's which is avery trending and hot topic to make research on. I selected this topbecause it has been trending from 2016 and I got interested to know whatwere the views of different personalities regarding Brexit.Week 2.MLO2Yourability toconduct acriticalliteraturereview into aSME relatedtopic.Literature ReviewIn second week I started to write literature review about the topic. In orderto write a literature review I gathered information from different sources. Ihad to selected an appropriate source of information like searching forrelevant articles, books and journals, gathering information from theinternet, browsing many relevant websites in order to gather information. Ilisted the views of many authors and personalities and presented theirviews on Brexit and how it would impact on small and medium scaleenterprises. So, summarised both pros and cons of Brexit on SME's how itwould affect small and medium scale businesses. I also presented mypersonal views after deep research on a topic which was in favour andagainst Brexit both.
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