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Implication of political change in travel and tourism sectorThe political and economical environment of the country influences the travel and touristtourismsector largely. The tourism sector is directly influenced by the political restlessness, Wars, insatiability ion the country.During 1980, the Iran and Iraq are going through anwar which this reduced the leads to fall in travel andtourism sector growth in the Iran country to the large extent. After the Brexit the Europeans requiredare needing visa to visit the country of the UK. This political changesThese political changesled leads to decrease in number no. of European visitors in UK countries as they prefer going to other places like Spain because they do not require visa to are not needing Visa to make trip of Spain. Due to political unrest in the Thailand, it reduced the tourist from European, Japan in the country because the visitors became more are more concerned about their own safety and security. After the death of Mao's in China, the Deng took take up all the charges in china and developed a china into fast growingmarket in the world. This enhanced the tourism in the china to large extent and the china bebecame come 4th largest country dealing in inbound tourism activities. The tourist from overseas in the China aretourist from overseas in the China isapproximately 55 million in 2007. The political policies largely influence the growth of any sector. Travel and tourism sector probability is largely affected by political conditions in the country. Higher political stability will be positively influencesuccess of travel and tourism and conclude in enhancing economic growth of country. While political instability and wars, terrorist attack will negatively influence this particular industry. After terrorist attack in London the travel and tourism growth eventually decreased. With helps of governmental helps and international bodies UK political polices helps in faster recovery of this TRAVEL AND TOURISM

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