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Statistics and Probability
A.A Summary output Regression StatisticsMultiple R0.834187131R Square0.69586817Adjusted R Square0.692271263Standard Error6773.137324Observations1049ANOVA V SSMSFSignificance FRegression101.09059E+111.09E+10264.14244.7977E-277Residual10394766452938645875389Total10491.56723E+11CoefficientsStandardErrort StatP-valueLower 95%Upper95%Lower95.0%Intercept21319.237722166.2534889.8415256.53E-2217068.5071925569.9717068.51X Variable 1-735.024215148.27528784-15.22572.09E-47-829.7523903-640.296-829.752X Variable 2791.5106148512.38370461.5447610.122708-213.91422081796.935-213.914X Variable 3-0.0921795290.006871253-13.41525.82E-38-0.105662645-0.0787-0.10566X Variable 4-1492.761909563.5926026-2.648650.008204-2598.671395-386.852-2598.67X Variable 5-2166.186174946.059001-2.289690.022239-4022.590285-309.782-4022.59X Variable 6100.04166555.51111001918.152733.55E-6489.22749078110.855889.22749X Variable 7-755.00941931798.503979-0.41980.000-4284.1235412774.105-4284.12X Variable 84559.6400881910.8822752.3861440.017204810.01167578309.269810.0117X Variable 92116.3133661886.146661.122030.262109-1584.7775915817.404-1584.78
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Analysing the variables ,to establish a regression model.Ho: The independent variable has no significant effect on the dependent variable (sales price)H1: The indendent variable has significant effect on the dependent variable.We compare the p-values at 5% level of significance for the independent variables.Variables 1, 3 ,4,5 ,6,7,8 have their p-values being less than 0.05 thus they are will be part of our model as independent variables. The variables 2 and 9 have their p-values being greater than 0.05 hence we fail to reject the null hypothesis and conclude that they are insignificant in explaining the sales price.Model becomes:Y=21319.23772-735.0242151X1-0.092179529X3-1492.761909X4-2166.186174X5+100.0416655X6-755.0094193X7+4559.640088X8 Where:Y= Sales price X1:Age X2:automaticX3:kilo metresX4:petrolX5:damageX6: power KWX7:SedanX8:convertibleX9:coupeOther factors that might have influenced sales price of the used vehicles include the country of origin.BIt is appropriate to predict sales price under the given conditions Y= 21319.23772-735.0242151(5)-0.092179529(75000)-1492.761909-100.0416655(110)-755.0094193=4,828.5302
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CScatter plot Normal Probability Plots
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