A new automobile company is planning to launch a new car in 2019


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1.A new automobile company is planning to launch a new car in 2019 with a newexciting feature that prohibits the car engine from being started unless the driver ispressing the clutch pedal while turning the ignition switch to the “start” position. Thepurpose of this feature will be to prevent the car from moving forward while beingstarted if ever the transmission is accidently left in gear. Write a Boolean expression for the starter solenoid status, given the start switch(SP) and clutch (CP) statuses. Then, draw a logic gate circuit to implement thisBoolean function.Note: Students should use the following Boolean variables to represent variousstates of the engine:”Start” position SP (1 = start; 0 = run or off)Clutch pedal position CP (1 = clutch pedal depressed; 0 = clutch pedal innormal, un-pressed position)(250 words)

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