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Network Management Strategies Management

Added on -2019-09-24

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Aadil Stroman ITN 425 Professor Patrick CoyleMyPlace Proposal Team 1 Section 5 Network Management Strategies:Network ManagementFault ManagementConfiguration ManagementSecurity ManagementGoal: To improve network performance, fault tolerance, and increase the level of security to maintain ahighly available and secure infrastructure. This will help improve the customer experience, create a highly workable IT scalable environment and seamlessly provide for overall departmental linkages centered on best IT business practices in a corporate organization.Network Management StrategiesManagement NetworkoTerminal ServeroHP ILO (Remote Server Access)oFile, DNS/DHCP, Database and Application ServerMyPlace their primary goal is a healthy, integrated, scalable real-time network. the health of the network during normal operation to recognize potential problems, optimize performance, and plan upgrades. By implementing Remote and Terminal Server in a 24/7 environment, it allows for continual real-time upkeep of server functionality as it relates to the customer and their needs.Customer/client access is key to a managed network as the focal point of customer interaction, application availability and departmental functionality relies mainly on the foundation of proactive network management. Companies that practice proactive management collect statistics and conduct tests, such as response-time measurements, on a routine basis.Fault ManagementoDetect: Capture events oIsolate: Present Actionable FaultsoInform: Notify AdminsoEvolve: Aid Faster and quality resolution(s)As a functional staple, MyPlace will employ Active monitoring which helps proactively detect an event by setting up thresholds for the monitors. Some examples of active monitoring are

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