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About the Report:http://scoutingnewsroom.org/this is the website from where row data is collected.The purpose of this organization provides the nation’s foremost youth program of characterdevelopment and value based leadership training.Q1) who is (or seems to be) the intended audience for this report?Ans:The intended audiences are the young members between the age 7 and 21 and somevolunteers like there are some staff members who convert this plan into action.Q2) how will the report user benefit from the information in the report?Ans: This information is for all of the people. The audience able to know all the informationabout this organization likeWhat is the motto? ,What procedures followed by them? ,How people will be benefitted by this program if they go with this?Q3) create a dimensional model and describe the dimensions, levels, and measures based onthe data in the report.
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