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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assignment Solved

Added on - 21 Oct 2020

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Academic ParagraphsAccording to a survey of artificial intelligence researchers, there is one-halfprobability that within next 45 years, machines will be able to outperform human activities inall fields. According to respondents, all human jobs will be automated by next 120 years. Inthe coming time, machines will be able to translate languages, writing high-school essays,driving automobiles, working in retail sector, get involved in book writing and beingrecognised as bestselling author and be able to perform surgery. As per experts, within 60years, AI will be able to beat humans in every sphere of life. Artificial intelligence will nehighly beneficial to those organisations which involve complex and specialised processes,methods, tasks or human resource. As per PwC and OECD, sectors such as education,information transfer and communication, accommodation and meal services, scientific andtechnical work are at least risk from automation. In contrast to this, there are various sectorsof economy where AI can not easily be adopted in operations or if adopted, can hamper theoverall working atmosphere of business entity. Finance and insurance, construction, retailindustry, transport, manufacturing, public administration are some of those areas where AIwill not have a positive impact.One of the main limitations of AI is thehighcost associatedwith its implementation. Increased cost of this technology isdue to complex nature and needfor continuous repair and maintenance. Software programs in finance and other key sectorsneed regular upgrading to adapt to changing business environment and upcoming trends anddevelopments in technology, thus it is not feasible to adopt AI in such sectors.
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