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Academic Skills PortfolioName:StudentNumber:Lecturer name:Tutor name:Degree studied:This is your Academic Skills ONLINE Portfolio. Please save a copy on your computer and back it up regularly(e.g. by saving it on your computer / in the cloud (e.g. Google Drive) / emailing it to yourself. You willreceive a printed copy which you should bring to all lectures and tutorials. However, at the end of thecourse, you need to submit this electronic copy. Please refer to suggested word counts for each task includedwithin this portfolio.The deadline for uploading the online portfolio is:Assessed Learning Outcomes:Show evidence of understanding core components of academic literacy/skills.Apply critical thought to a range of tasks, and do so with a minimum of external guidance inparticular situations.To reflect, analyse and discuss strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities personally andacademically.Use appropriate technologies to facilitate the completion of self-analysis/reflection.
WeekTable of ContentsPageLearningOutcomeSection 1: Portfolio Evidence(These tasks will be drafted in class and are designed to inform the written tasks in section 1; Suggested wordcounts are included in brackets where appropriate.)1Self-evaluation checklist3LO 3 & 41Personal SWOT analysis (suggested word count:200 words)4-5LO 3 & 42Structuring your writing (including examples and evidence)6-7LO 1 & 23Quantitative data analysis (suggested word count:300 words)8-9LO 1 & 24Evaluating sources and referencing (suggested word count150words)10LO 1 & 25Synthesising and in-text citations (suggested word count:250words)11LO 1 & 27Presenting your assignment (include screen shot)12LO 18Editing and proof reading your portfolio: using the marking criteriato get a first!13-14LO 1 & 39Post-presentation reflection15LO 3 & 410End of course self-evaluation checklist16LO 3 & 410Personal development plan (PDP) (suggested word count: )17LO 3 & 4Section 2: Written Tasks(These written tasks should be developed throughout the semester but completed in weeks 9-11)1-10Academic writing [degree-specific focus related to The UK’s exitfrom The European Union] (900 words)18-19LO19 & 10Reflective writing: summary (300 words)20LO 3& 4Writing word count: Academic writing (900 words), Reflective writing (300 words) and a minimum of600 words in total on the other tasks(+/- 10%)SECTION 1: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEversion 1.02
Week 1: self-evaluation checklistBelow is a list of the skills you will need during your university and professional career.Tick( )theappropriate box for each skill, according to how well you think you can do this.SkillsDo notknow aboutthisFind thisdifficult/can’t do thisCan partiallydo thisCan do thiswellLooking for informationIdentify which books/journals/websites to useSelect relevant parts of a textEvaluate sourcesUsing sourcesAcknowledge sources of informationSynthesize information from more than one sourceWrite a reference list correctlyAvoid plagiarismPlanning/ writingBrainstorm ideasPlan written workLink ideas effectivelyParaphrase & summarise ideasWrite an introductionWrite a conclusionCritically edit written workIndependent studyWork independently (without lecturers)Work as part of a (study) groupOral presentationGive a presentation on my workBrainstorm ideas with peersDiscuss written work in a tutorialDeal effectively with questionsITAccess the internetUse search enginesCreate word documentsUse PowerPointversion 1.03
SECTION 1: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEWeek 1: Personal SWOT analysisWatch this video: activity: In pairs conduct interviews to create a personal SWOT analysis.InternalSTRENGTHS[Things within my control]WEAKNESSES[Personal barriers; things stopping me, but still within mycontrol]1.I have maintained goo attendance recordso that I can gain every important information inmy academic career.1.I spend more time in collecting information bout thesubject matter.2.If I am facing any problem or issue innunderstanding particular concept than in amconfident to ask for more clarification ofsubject matter and collect further information.2. Sometimes I waste my time in reading more additionalinformation.3.I am excellent in keeping gained knowledge andinformation with me for longer time which is onceexplained to me.3. This habit also influence my readings with the main subjectmatter.4.Top 5 Strengths/talents (Gallup test):I collectenough knowledge and understanding about thefacts and the knowledge which is required incompleting my assignment.4. I am unable to meet my academic requirement and not ableto gain 100% marks than I become hard on myself.OPPORTUNITIES[People, resources, opportunities]THREATS[Things outside of my control]1.I am having opportunity to grow my academiccareer in an honours of year.1.I am not having efficient level of time for dedicated studiesfor my academic career.2.I can use new technologies like recording voiceand power point presentation to understand thesubject matter more appropriately.2.I am having threat from spending less time for studies.3.I can get extra help and support from my tutorsto develop my academic skills more responsibly.3.I am not having excellent understanding about Oscala andHarvard referencing style.4.I can also improve my writing and academic skillsby proof reading.4.The incorrect referencing increases the threat of gettinglower marks which can be easily avoided by me.version 1.04
Discuss: how are you going to overcome your weaknesses and minimise the threats?(approx 100 words)I should be responsibly active in using my strength and achieving various opportunities in order toovercome the weaknesses in academic skill and reducing threat in academic career development. I Shouldcarry out SWOT analysis of myself in evaluating the various competence level of mine in order to actconfidently towards the threats and in overcoming weaknesses of mine. I am having weak in managing mystudies in collecting data or information about main subject and the additional matters. So, I shouldresponsibly act while collecting data and manage my readings as per the needs of additional information onlyto understand the basic or main subject appropriately. I am also having threat from loosing marks because ofinability to do references properly which can be reduced by learning Harvard and Oscoloa referencing style bygetting extra help from tutor.version 1.05
SECTION 1: PORTFOLIO EVIDENCEWeek 2: Structuring your writingDuring your lecture and tutorial you will learn how to group ideas and develop paragraphs to givestructure to your academic writing. You can use the outline below as a model, although others will bediscussed in your lectures and tutorials.Title:1.0An introduction (150 words)[use evidence/ research throughout]What is your question about? (give the background to your topic)Include some detail on the topic (narrow your focus; what exactly are you focusing on?) Who are thekey ideas/ people involved/ organisations etc.?)What will your report show? Be specific [you should write this section last]An expert portfolio is a device sensibly and painstakingly created to fittingly exhibit crafted by an expertwhile giving confirmation of vocation development. It isn't just a social event of all the lesson designs, papers,and assignments finished amid an assigned time period that has been put in a scratch pad/scrapbook.Campbell, Cignetti, Melenyzer, Nettles, what's more, proof of comprehension and execution. As a hopeful inDarden College of Education's educator readiness program, the portfolio you create is an advancing structurethat will help archive development after some time. It advances self-investigation and basic appearance inways that assistance you comprehend the complexities of educating. Filling in as a string that weaves all partsof the instructor planning program together, the portfolio encourages you incorporate learning and essentialabilities from crosswise over differing courses and encounters amid your times of study. The portfolioprocedure permits you, as well as your educators, to envision the whole theoretical structure of instructor asproficient instructor with all the assorted hypothetical and functional exercises that shape learning.2.0Discussion point 1: .................................... (300 words)[Use evidence/ research throughout]:Identify one point from your area of focus and say why it is a key issue.Describe how leaving the EU will impact on thisWhat are the opportunities it could create?What are the possible problems?What can you conclude from this? What are the implications?As a grown-up, you definitely know how to peruse and compose. You were given aptitudes and devices inschool to ace perusing and composing. These abilities and instruments originated from a proficiency program.An education program contains every one of the parts important for you to ace perusing and composing. Bethat as it may, some education programs are more powerful than others. The present understudies arerequired to ace similar abilities that you did, yet at a prior age. Showing youngsters how to peruse andcompose are two of the hardest accomplishments an instructor will be made a request to finish. Having apowerful proficiency program enables instructors to finish that troublesome assignment viably.version 1.06
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