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Academic Writing2Academic WritingIntroductionAcademic writing is writing preferred by specific university or college with an aim of fulfillingthe requirements of that particular institution’s academic standards. This, therefore, means thatevery institution of higher learning has specific style and purpose for writing academic papers.Students who are in different fields of professional study are required to understand a specificstyle of academic writing. The writer of the paper needs to make the readers understand thecontents of the paper and be convinced about the whole idea. Despite the fact that differentuniversities prefer different writing styles, almost all the styles follow same formats andreferencing guides. The body structure of those papers are almost same as seen by the researchdone by Suny Empire College. The main importance of academic papers is to communicate amessage form to writer to the reader. It is one of the ways the readers understand thepsychological makeup or the thoughts or a writer (mostly the student). However, it should benoted that writer need to have the best grammars and flow of English. These are the basicrequirements of academic papers. They have to be written in a professional manner.Types of Academic Writings and their DifferencesThe following are the types of academic papers written by different universities and colleges allover the world. They all have different purposes and requirements;i.Essay: this is an academic paper or writing that is written to specifically answer specificquestions. They can also be written to defend or support an argument using clearevidences. A good essay must make good use of examples as evidence of the thoughtsexpressed. When writing an essay, the writer needs to include an introduction or thedocument, the body and finally a conclusion must be present as well (Driggers, 2012).
Academic Writing3ii.Research paper: this is another type of academic writing that is taught in manyuniversities and colleges around the world. The paper is normally based on research workthat was earlier done by a professor or a researcher in search of facts about a certainconcept or myth. It is always longer than an essay in terms of word count and manymore. Research paper, as reports indicate, can be written to provide interpretation ofearlier work done by different persons. Research papers are meant for the readers toknow and understand the reason why some things happen the way they do, and are longerthan essays (Flowerdew, 2000).iii.Book review: it is also called literature review. The actions here involve someone mainlystudents, reading the literature provided by the lecturers and then, writing a review of thesame (Irvin, 2010.). It may also involve providing personalized opinions about the justread paper, but inform of writing. Other types of reviews include movie reviews, wherebythe writer or the student sis required to watch a certain movies excerpt and later providepersonal information about the same by writing down the opinions inform of academicwriting. There are different types of literature reviews as shown by oxford university.iv.Articles: this is another type of writing that involves writings to present clear informationabout different topics as given by the researcher or the lecture. The information givenmay be based on research work that was completed earlier on. However, it should benoted that articles are written for a specific audience and they are normal not read byeveryone (Lillis and Curry, 2010).v.Dissertations, also called proposals writing: dissertation is very long in length and iswritten to provide a unique discovery about a proposal or any other idea. It also has anintroductory part, and ends with a conclusion. However, the body is made up of severalsub topics and topics that guides the reader through the document. According to
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