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Running head: ACCOUNTING IN CONTEXTAccounting in ContextName of the Student: Name of the University: Author’s Note:
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1ACCOUNTING IN CONTEXTReflection This reflection is being constructed in order to reflect on the seasonal work that I haddone during my session break in order to earn some part time pocket money. I therefore had apart time work at a local food joint where I worked as the cashier. I got hired for the seasonalwork as the actual cashier was on leave for 15 days and after he would join I would work as hisassistant for the rest of the days. It was a new experience for me as I had never had a workingexperience and on the first day of the job I had a feeling that was a mixture anxiety and fear. I was appointed on a daily wage basis and had to work for 8 hours in a day in the cashcounter where I had to maintain the records of all the transactions that were taking place on adaily basis. At the end of the day I had to close the account and I found my job to be very muchinteresting. The structure of my workplace was a very good one as all the employees and themanagement executives were very social and jovial and always complimented me andencouraged for my work. They used to assist me in the works where I had some problems andduring the peak hour of the day, they would lend their hand in order to get my job doneeffectively. The structure of the cafe was formal where the decisions came from the top levelhowever; the management took the feedback and advices of their employees as well. I reallyappreciated this structure as this encouraged the employees to share their ideas and gain a feelingof bonding with the cafe. The cafe maintained a blend of the traditional and modern culture inwhich each and everyone respected each other and worked as a family and performed theiractivities according to the needs and the demands of the customers. These things were very easyto recognise as it a part of the daily operations.
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