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Running head: ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMAccounting Information SystemName of Student:Name of University:Author’s Note:
1ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMAnswer to Question 1aA Baker is a specialized type of Pastry Chef. A baker is responsible to mix and bake andthe ingredients as per the variety in the bread, baked goods and pastries. The baked goods arefurther seen to be sold by the wholesalers and grocers in the different types of institutional foodservices. The typical activities performed by the baker have been further seen in terms ofchecking the quality of the ingredients, preparation of the equipment for baking. It has beenfurther involved to combine the measured ingredients and blenders. Some of the various types ofthe other process in the baking has been identified with kneading, rolling, cutting and shaping ofthe dough. A baker in general places the dough in the pan, sheets and mold. Then the baker setthe oven temperature. The items are seen to be placed in the hot oven on the grills. The baker isfurther responsible to identify the colour and the various type of state of the product which arebeing baked. The final stage in the baking process comprises of application of glazes, icings, orother toppings by use of a brush or spatula. Most of the bakers are seen to operate in the grocery,bakeries and restaurants. Some of the bakers has been however seen to work in themanufacturing facilities and responsible for the distribution of the pastries an breads by theestablishment of manufacturing outlet, retail outlet, mail order and wholesale outlet (Chouet al.2017).The retail bakers are further seen to own different types of the bakery shops and involvedin the business of making and selling of baked items. Moreover, in addition to the baked items, ithas been further identified that the baking process is supplemented by setting of the appropriateprocess and setting of the appropriate price (Oumarouet al.2016).
2ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMB Bakery is recognised as a family owned business with more than 70 employees and thesales revenue pertaining to the company has been seen to increase in the recent times. The mainspecialization of the bakery has been mainly seen with afternoon tea and French Twist-L'Afternoon Tea. The company has been further seen to be based in London and Bath in U.K.The customers are offered range of choices to enjoy afternoon tea in either unique and hugelypopular B Afternoon Tea Bus Tour or the Tea salons owned by the Bakery. The companyensures that the products are gluten free and suitable for all kinds to customers(Sokanu.com2017).B Bakery has been further seen to be in the business for a period of more than 50 yearsand it has been recognised to supply confectionary products and bread loafs to varied number ofbusinesses. Some of the most common form of the distribution has been seen to take place insupermarkets and pub chains. It has been further discerned that the firm has been experiencedwith mixed fortunes in several years and based on the performance of the business experiencedin the last few years. The growth in the business has been further discerned to be in terms ofvarious types of healthy range of products. It has been further observed that in the recent timesthe key accounts have been unable to produce the important range of the competitive price.Despite of the firm hiring an accountant who was responsible for maintaining the accountantsappropriately, the firm has been identified to need much more financial information to run thebusiness efficiently. It has been further discerned that there is need to make the relevantinvestment in the accounting software to take up their business in the next level (Zaidaniet al.2017).
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