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Advanced Educational Psychology | Assignment_1

First Student:
Jamie Okiro is my cute little girl who is only eight-years-old. She belongs to an
African cultural background. She used to stay in Johannesburg, in South Africa. Her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Okiro, have just shifted to the busiest place, the United States of America for
adopting better occupation. Jamie is a very attentive girl who is studying in the 3rd standard in
Staten Island Technical High School. She used to face a lot of humiliation from other
students that have drastically changed her and has affected in her studies as well. She is
excellent in English and painting and has always been a diligent student. She has ranked
second in her 2nd standard but still, her parents got disappointed as she did not rank first. She
has enough potential and dedication towards her work. Yet, she has not been appreciated by
her teachers accurately so being a teacher, and it is my responsibility to attend her with
special care. Nowadays, she has lacked concentration and communication.
Firstly it is essential to know about her social, emotional, and academic development
so that I can effectively help her in her difficult situations. It is quite challenging to handle as
she has been lacking in communicating with me and has been facing difficulty in her studies
especially in history and mathematics.
Jamie has excellent potential so she needs more focus and proper guidance such as
improvement in her abilities, encouragement in her studies, and development in her
personality. In this way, social development will effectively help her in gathering significant
As being a teacher, I help her to gain prior knowledge about the surroundings,
cooperative nature, emotion regulation, gender equality, and capacity in the field of intimate
Advanced Educational Psychology | Assignment_2

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