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<Airline Reservation System>Software Requirements Specification<Version 1.0><Date><Your Name/Team Name>Prepared forMarymount University, School of BusinessIT210, Software Engineering

<Airline Reservation System >Revision HistoryDateDescriptionAuthorComments<date><Version 1><Your Name><First Revision>Document ApprovalThe following Software Requirements Specification has been accepted and approved by the following:SignaturePrinted NameTitleDate<Your Name>SRSTemplate.docPage 2

<Airline Reservation System >Table of ContentsREVISION HISTORYIIDOCUMENT APPROVALII1. INTRODUCTION11.1 PURPOSE11.2 SCOPE11.3 DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, AND ABBREVIATIONS11.4 REFERENCES21.5 OVERVIEW22. GENERAL DESCRIPTION22.1 PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE22.2 PRODUCT FUNCTIONS32.3 USER CHARACTERISTICS32.4 GENERAL CONSTRAINTS32.5 ASSUMPTIONSAND DEPENDENCIES4Following are the application based on the distributed airline database system:43. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS53.1 EXTERNAL INTERFACE REQUIREMENTS53.1.1 User Interfaces53.1.2 Hardware Interfaces53.1.3 Software Interfaces53.1.4 Communications Interfaces53.2 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS53.3 USE CASES73.3.1 Use Case #183.3.2 Use Case #283.3.2 Use Case #383.3.2 Use Case #493.3.2 Use Case #5103.4 CLASSES / OBJECTS103.4.1 <Class / Object #1>103.4.2 <Class / Object #2>103.5 NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS103.5.1 Performance113.5.2 Reliability113.5.3 Availability113.5.4 Security113.5.5 Maintainability113.5.6 Portability113.6 INVERSE REQUIREMENTS113.7 DESIGN CONSTRAINTS113.8 LOGICAL DATABASE REQUIREMENTS113.9 OTHER REQUIREMENTS114. ANALYSIS MODELS114.1 SEQUENCE DIAGRAMS114.3 DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS (DFD)11SRSTemplate.docPage 3


<Airline Reservation System >1. IntroductionThe current paper is a software requirement specification for an airline reservation system. The understanding of airline reservation is likely to help in further development and assessment. The various sections within this paper discuss the various aspects of the software requirements such as the scope, use case, data flow diagram, functional and non-functional requirements. 1.1 PurposeThe purpose of the paper is to describe the software requirement specification report which is used for the airline reservation. The development of airliner reservation will be based on the requirements mentioned in this document. The reservation system will help the users in booking online ticket from anywhere. The reason behind the development of this system is that the airlineis unable to cater to increasing demand at the airport. It is expected that the online system will help in reducing the rush on the airport and thus eventually will reduce the cost that is incurred.1.2 ScopeThe scope of the online system is to develop the easy to use and convenient online system which helps to easily buy the airline tickets. The system is mainly based on the relational database with the reservation functions and flight management (Abdullah et al., 2016). The database supports many cities across the world and various numbers of flights through using the airline companies. The systems aim to provide the best user service with the best price which is available in the industry. 1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and AbbreviationsFollowing are the acronyms and abbreviations:DB: DatabaseSRSTemplate.docPage 5

<Airline Reservation System >ER: Entity relationshipDDB: Distributed database1.4 ReferencesFor the reference, two sources have been chosen. The first is a book by Shamkant B. Navathe and Elmarsi named Fundamentals of Database Systems, Fifth Edition. The second is an online resource named krazytech.com. 1.5 OverviewIt is the project of the college level students which is used to implement the guidelines of college professors. The project can be used by professionals who are willing to develop an online reservation system based on the requirements given in the software requirement system. The userof the current requirement system can update areas as per their individual requirements. There is myriad possibility to develop the current system. 2. General Description2.1 Product PerspectiveFollowing is the information which is stored in the distributed airline database system:Flight detailsIt includes the details of flights such as destination terminal, flight terminal of the destination with the information of the number of stops between the arrival and destination of the flight, number of reserved and unreserved seats (Jasuja et al., 2016). Consumer descriptionIt includes the information of customers such as customer code, phone number, address, and name. The information can be used to inform the customer regarding the flight delay or any other purpose.SRSTemplate.docPage 6

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