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Software Requirements Specification TemplateThe following annotated template shall be used to complete the Software RequirementsSpecification (SRS) assignmentTemplate Usage:Text contained within angle brackets (‘<’, ‘>’) shall be replaced by your project-specificinformation and/or details.Italicized text is included to briefly annotate the purpose of each section within this template.This text should not appear in the final version of your submitted SRS.This cover page is not a part of the final template and should be removed before your SRS issubmitted.Acknowledgements:Sections of this document are based upon the IEEE Guide to Software RequirementsSpecification (ANSI/IEEE Std. 830-1984). .CIS 520 Winter 2014Software Requirements Specification Template
<Project Name>Software Requirements Specification<Version><Date><Name>Lead Software EngineerPrepared forMonolithic Holdings
<Project Name>)Software Requirements SpecificationPageii
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