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American Revolution

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Added on  2023-01-16

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The Revolutionary War, also known as the American Revolution, was a conflict between the residents of Great Britain and the colonial government. This war led to the independence of the American colonies and had significant implications for sociology, international conflict, and civil war. This article explores the causes, events, and outcomes of the American Revolution.

American Revolution

   Added on 2023-01-16

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American Revolution
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Sociology American independence and
international conflict and civil war
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Running Head: American Revolution
The Revolutionary War is also known as the American Revolution that arises due to an
increase in tension among between residents of Great Britain’s and the colonial government
that comes under Great Britain. The conflict between British troops and colonial militiamen
started the armed conflict and rebels took a major part in waging a full-scale war for
independence. It continued for more than a decade before the American Revolution took
The earlier British government allowed colonist to take part in daily economic activities
without any interference from the British government, The American Revolution began when
the British government began secure their territory. Its land policy prohibited colonist from
settling in the west. Various attempts were taken by the British government to raise money
and controlling trade which led to increase in resistance form colonist.
The British government was stronger as compared to colonist as they had a trained army and
Loyalist. The British government attempted to raise taxes by collecting revenue from
colonies. That lead to protest among many colonists and they demanded the same right as the
British. Actions were taken against the government where a group of liberates boarded
British ships and destroyed tea which was transported in the ship. The parliament took action
by closing the ports and shipping to claim authority.
France and Spain joined the Revolutionary War to take revenge of loss of seven year war to
British keeping the motive to get back the land which they have lost in war to British. The
alliance was considered by France after colonist declared independence. France had begun
considering an alliance with the colonists after they declared their independence France
supported alliance when British surrendered in the war of Saratoga
British followed a strategy that involved points of attack that aimed at separating New
England from other colonies as rebellion was getting support from them. It created a situation
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