Enterprise Architecture for Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)


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An enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization. The intent of an enterprise architecture is to determine how an organization can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives. Enterprise Architecture has become one of the most popular and efficient ways that enables organizations touse all technology and IT capabilities to support organization’s business goals and objectives. Enterprise Architecture is a solution to standardize Information Technology environment, reducecost, and increase agility. In general, “enterprise architecture can be considered as a structured and aligned collection of plans for the integrated representation of the business and information technology (IT) landscape of the enterprise, in past, current, and future states” (Niemann, 2006). The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a complex organization under the direction of Secretary of Transportation and its most common services are: Credentialing, Tax processing, and overnighting transportation safety and information management. Currently, each core business area such as credentialing, tax processing, and financial management has its own system and process. DMV has decided to redesign its CSI systems. The purpose of this redesign is to put all the fragmented processing of DMV’s core business areas in one single modernized system which is able to integrate the DMV processes while having full functionality. The new system should interface to other system, such as DMV’s Purchasing, Inventory, and Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN), DMV’s Human Resource system, Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS), and other related systems. The Enterprise Architecture program is the best solution that can be used to move from the current outdated systems to the new modernized system. In addition, EA program uses emerging technology as well as the technology already in place to achieve all the Department of Motor Vehicle’s CSI redesign objectives. Furthermore, EA program applies all necessary disciplines, policies, and standards to meet laws and regulations. Examples about how EA program can benefit DMV: Systems design and implementation: Currently, DMV has fragmented processes for core business areas such as credentialing, tax processing, and final management. Enterprise

Architecture program can help to design and implement a single modernized system to put all these processes and systems together. Business IT alignment: Using EA program ensures great understanding of DMV’s business objectives such as consolidating different applications, providing a financial component, enhancing better security, and by realizing DMV’s business goals EA program helps organization to choose the best emerging technology in addition to the existing technology to achieve DMV’s business goals. Requirements Engineering: Enterprise Architecture’s documentation helps to increase the speed of collecting requirements information for the DMV’s CSI systems redesign from the DMV’s users, customers and other stakeholders. In addition this documentation ensures the requirements accuracy. IT complexity: Integrating all these DMV’s process and systems makes the new system very complex. EA program helps to reduce the new system complexity as much as possible. Project management: EA defines each of the project stakeholder’s role and increase the collaboration and communication between them.One example is what Anjali Kaushik and Aparna Raman show in their study about how EA is applied to the healthcare system in India. “An EA approach to health information system development allows for important inter relationships to be identified including which components need to be aligned to which parts and in so doing reduce the risks and incentives of fragmentation, duplication and lack of interoperability” (Kaushik and Raman, 2015). Another example shows how EA is being used in the Dell Company. Dell has been known as one of the world’s major manufacturers of personal computers. The company uses its Enterprise Architecture team to map out a future direction for the IT team with a three-year roadmap. According to Dell, it uses EA to reach its corporate goals, the company needed to change its IT infrastructure. This transformative process involved consolidating multi-national systems to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enforce common standards (Baum, 2012).

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