Observation Report on Student with Special Needs


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Higher Education
An Observation Report on
Student with special needs, Interviews, and Information Analysis
Table of Contents
Section 1: Site, Population and Activities 2
Introduction 2
Recent Background Information of Lake Placid New Beginning 3
Section 2: Impression of the Settings and Activities 3
Process of Observation and Interview 3
Interviews and their Observations 4
A. Surveys 4
Instant Reaction 5
Breakdown, During the Interview 5
Section 3: Recommendation of Information and Resources 6
Conclusion Reflection and Recommendations 6
A. Non manual Closures 6
B. Individual Reflections and Guidance 6
References 8
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This report is focused on outlining, Steve’s analysis and comparison after observing two
differently abled children Lauretta and Seby. Data of Steve’s personal background is also
discussed as he was once a student of Lauretta and Seby’s school and was a special child as well.
In this observation study, the goal is to understand how the trainees can better groom the
differently abled children by observing them and connecting with people who are working with
them. Names of the subjects have been changed for the purpose of identity protection.
Section 1: Site, Population and Activities
Steve is close to his elementary school Lake Placid New Beginning where, he got exposure to
English language for the first time. Many of his friends attended different schools being normal,
which made Steve felt different. At that time, he was scared being a five year kid and being
placed in a separate class with other differently abled students. Later he graduated from school
but was fearful of being an established English speaker. Since Steve always had a feeling of
being different while his upbringing, these differences appeared unfavorable usually, like
troubling the adults or trainees who belonged to set of multi-culturist educators. In this study a
plan to outline on what Steve noticed in the interview journey will be covered. The practices
which are modified now or newly executed.
Today, in the growing diversity in Hillcrest, all differently able students attend Lake placid
school and these students are no longer taken in a separate class, this is a major change occurred
in the school. Dev the principal of school made the special students attend their neighboring
classes for some activities where all students can sit and learn together.
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School is located at the center of Hillcrest. The economic status of families residing in town
belongs to lower to upper social status. According to Dev, ethnic groups in schools include
African, American, Middle Eastern, and European. There were 20 students in classroom of fifth
grade, equally divided in boys and girls. There are two groups which were represented in the
class room and these were Caucasian and Hispanic.
Steve observed Kabin who was the second child of his parents. His parents work outside the
home and come from a middle class family. Kabin’s mother was cooperative and comfortable in
answering the interview questions. She appreciated the idea of learning in Kabin. The teacher of
the class referred as Mr. Tim facilitated Steve in confirming that Kabin’s mother can be
contacted for interview questions considering her cooperative nature. She was a friendly person
and educated Steve about the training patterns in the school.
Section 2: Impression of the Settings and Activities
Mr. Dev approved Steve’s proposal to visit Mr. Horre’s class. After entering into the class it was
seen that Mr. Horre was a passionate teacher and a lovable person. He came on Thursdays to
help students who needed help in mathematics. Even though his partner will not, which is
understandable because the teaching partner had a family, but Mr. Horre’s family as observed
was their students.
Next class which was a music room in Lake placid was taken care by Mr. Devid. Looking
through the window Mr. Devid waved back and was conversing over phone. He mentioned Steve
to come in and held up his index finger to say “I will be back in a minute”, and continued his
Observation Report on Student with Special Needs_3

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