Multi-disciplinary TEACHER REPORT


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Multi-disciplinary TEACHER REPORT
Name: Harry DOB: 05/01/06
Age: 8 years Teacher:
Harry is a boy who is 8 year old and suffering from Emotional Behavioral
Disorder. He lives with his family and attends SSP in a school where he studies from last
2 years. Harry is in Multi Categorical special class which is made up of 6 students. These
have distinct support needs or necessities ambit from kindergarten to 6 years. Harry
recently commenced counseling session with psychologist of the school.
General Strengths and Challenges:
Harry is very intelligent and have good knowledge of English and Science. He is
very close to his parents and love them a lot. He is very honest, kind and is very emphatic
towards others needs. Harry always stay in discipline and help others when they ask for
help. But in classroom, harry has been in trouble. He is not able to concentrate on task for
over 2 minutes without needing attention of teacher. He displayed pervasive mood of
depression or unhappiness. He is not able to learn more and develop satisfactory
interpersonal relationship with classmates and his teacher. In normal conditions, he
sometimes also perform inappropriate type of behavior. He face difficulties in learning
and formation of interpersonal relations.
Language and Communication:
Typical performance Definite difference
The developing student of same age
is expected to be happy and behaves
well with others. They have sharp
knowledge and learn things easily.
Harry is suffering from anxiety
disorders. The actual cause is not known
by anyone, but the possible causes are
brain disorder, heredity, stress, diet and
Multi-disciplinary TEACHER REPORT_1

They have curiosity of knowing
things and have creative minds.
traumatic experience.
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