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Analysis and hypothesis on Tweets made by Author

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Added on  2019-09-22

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The author of the tweets is strongly against Hillary and uses emotional words to influence people against voting for her. The clout value on Twitter is higher than average, indicating the use of influencing words. The article explores the meaning of information warfare and its psychological features.

Analysis and hypothesis on Tweets made by Author

   Added on 2019-09-22

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Analysis and hypothesis on Tweets made by AuthorTo identify the psychological features linked with information warfare, we must first understand the meaning of information warfare. Information warfare are some techniques which can be used by one to get an advantage over it’s opponent or competitor. This is done by manipulating the target’s trusted information by using information it in such a way that the target will unwarily make decisions in the interest of the one conducting this information warfare. Though this decision will be against the target’s will but he/she will be unaware of it. Thus, information warfare is strategic and tactical usage of information to gain advantage over the opponent. Also known as cyberattack or cyberwarfare, this is done by using information and communication technology.In the given tweet dataset, the tweets are used to gain advantage for one political candidate over other. It can be observed that the author is expressing his/her negative emotions in most of the tweets and he is always successful in expressing his anger and frustration for the candidate named “Hillary”. Since in this can be done in two ways as praising one over the other or abusing and expressing negative emotions for the other person. As in these tweets the author seems to be in strong opposition of the “Hillary”, in most tweets he can be seen criticizing her and praising her opponent “Trump”. The author’s tweets uses this hashtag “#ThingsMoreTrustedThanHillary “ this may be an indication that he may be starting an anti-hillary campaign. It can be clearly understood that he is using his tweets to influence the readers. “#ThingsMoreTrustedThanHillary Gun control. It's not that painful as looking at her face for more than 5 seconds straight” in this tweet we can see a strong negative emotion against Hillary, this tweet is abusive and can be seen as misuse of freedom of speech right. There are many more such offensive tweets which the author has used, like “Her medical record. Will she publish it?”, in this tweet also he is offensively calling her out in public. “The witch @HillaryClinton says Trump Foundation a fraud? Woman, #CleanYourOwn house FIRST before you criticize.” In this tweet, he has again dissed Hillary. This tweet can be considered both the abusive as well as misconduct as he is calling her a witch and also supporting her opponent against her. In this way, he is using his personal opinion on public medium to influence other’s opinion also. Author has used the basic human psychology, It is a fact that when we hear or see something negative for someone, at first we may ignore it, but repetitive instances will focus our mind and make us think negative for that person. The same thing has been done in tweets, one by one author is opposing Hillary by facts and lies. Tweets to support this can be seen as when he says that “will she puclish her medical report”. This can be considered opposing statement in any sense. Author is trying to prove that Hillary is a liar, and wants the medical report. Also the way he has tweet. He is not asking to publish her, instead he is influencing people in wrong way by asking them that will Clinton prove herself right. This is a very strong statement to prove someone wrong, or to make people’s mind against her, without even said anything by Hillary.Tags used by author - Author has used such tags which shows that he strongly dislike Hillary. This can be seen in the following tweet –
Analysis and hypothesis on Tweets made by Author_1
“#TrumpsArmy #TrumpTrain #Trump #NeverHillary #CrookedHillary #VoteTrump #USA #MAGA #MASA #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #military #Vets #military”In above tweet, done by author on 9/29/2016. This is a retweet that means , he has tweeted on someone’s tweet. The tags used by the author are in favour of Trump. That is a good emotion, but most of the emaotion can be seen opposing Hillary in other tags. This shows that author may be praising Trump just to go against Hillary. This hypothesis can also be made strong by the tweet-“#UNGA Putin is one of few world leaders who has his country in his heart”In this tweet he is praising Putin for having the country in his heart. This tweet shows that either Trump or Putin, he is praising others just to go against Hillary. This fact can leads us to make a conclusion that, author hates Hillary, and can go beyond just hating, and can lie to people for going against Hillary. He is proving that Hillary can be a danger to nation. We have come to this point by the tweet he made-Think Before You Vote - Hillary and Obama were the driving force behind the Arab Spring which open the doors to ISISAuthor in the above tweet is trying to aware them people of Hillary having her connection with ISIS. Thiscan be dangerous to nation. Author is trying to warn people that if they vote for Hillary then it may be the starting of Islamic terrorism in the country. This statement can influence a lot of people who are against the terrorism. This conclusion is made because of the tweet-“#HobokenTrainCrash Could this be yet more #Islamist terrorism? Subdue the motorman, then Mohammed drives it into the station at full speed.”Above tweet clearly shows the warning of author to the nation’s crowd. Nation if chooses Hillary, then itmay be the starting of Islamic terrorism in the country as clearly said by the author. This shows that author either is confirmed of the activity of Hillary, or is hating her in so depth that he is saying just to make people against her. And after such warining to people author is trying to draw attention over the train accident, and trying to say that there is possibility that it was done by her. This is a very rude and intentional statement against Hillary, as it can lead to many political wars if something comes out like this. The author has said this thing in the tweet-My prayers go out to the injured & the family members of the dead � I hope & pray #NewJersey #HobokenTrainCrash was not an intentional act.”HypothesisOverall hypothesis is that the author is trying to warn people the people of miss happening that may happen if they choose Hillary. Author do not wants people to choose Hillary, and he tries to praise Trump in comparison to Hillary. In 613 words of his tweets he has used approx 60 in appropriate words like tornados, witch etc. That are not to be used. They are emotionally against the contender Hillary. Also by some incidences author is trying to influence people against Hillary. He is trying to say that Train accident may be was not an accident. These are some influencing tweets that author has done. Out
Analysis and hypothesis on Tweets made by Author_2

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