Project Cost Analysis and Revisions


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Part A Question 1 The solution is saved in attached file ‘PartAQ1.mpp’.Question 2 a. The new length of '1.1 Analysis of unique framework usefulness' is 10 days. The span of ‘1.1Analysis of unique framework usefulness' has changed the length of project by 20 days. Prior theproject span was 314 days, which is now 294 days. This could happen on the grounds that thechange in duration of critical path activities, any adjustment in span of critical path tasks willhave effect on project duration[ CITATION 20217 \l 1033 ].b. The cost to complete the overall project was $346,720. But after adding resources andreducing the duration in equal proportion the overall cost remained same because after adding 2additional resources the duration of activity is also reduced from 30 days to 10 days. The overall solution is saved and attached herewith as ‘PartAQ2.mpp’.Question 3 The resources over distribution issues can be settled either by including extra resources or bydeferring the exercises. In any case, the issue remains where the exercises are in critical path theterm can't be expanded so the main choices remain are to include additional resources. Yet, thereis likewise another choice accessible is to disperse the accessible resources inside the floataccessible in the activity so the general term doesn't gets affected yet the resources additionallygets leveled with in the accessible +ve float activities.The solution file is saved and attached herewith as ‘PartAQ3_resources.mpp’.
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Question 4 To: The owner of WorkFast P/L (Mr. Chris Parsons)From: The Project ManagerSubject: Project Highlights of ‘Family Friendly Financial Control System’Date: 4 August 2017Sir,This is to notify the highlights of the project ‘Family Friendly Financial Control System’. Thehighlights are as below:a)Start date of the project is 7th August 2017The expected completion date of the project is 17th July 2018b)Total length of the project is 239 working days (i.e. it prohibits holidays and ends of theweek)c)The primary factors behind the span of project are a direct result of the action groupingsin the critical path or the longest way of the time schedule. The span of the project can bediminished by expanding the resources of the project especially for the activities incritical path to reduce the duration of critical path that is the overall duration willautomatically get reduced.d)The estimated direct labor costs of the project are:Resource NameCostOperations$22,800.00Analyst$80,000.00Database$58,800.00Software Engineers$130,200.00Telecommunications$21,600.00Installation Team$33,320.00Total Direct Labor Costs$346,720.00The updated schedule is attached herewith as file ‘PartAQ3_resources.mpp’.
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