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[1]Management CommunicationBy[Student’s name]CourseInstitutionDate
[2]MEMORANDUMTO: DIRECTOR EMBAFROM: DATE: 3TH SEPTEMBER 2017. SUBJECT: BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS IntroductionThe members are requested that there will be a business analysis meeting that is scheduled to happen tomorrow at 5 a.m. The members are requested to avail themselves promptly because of the importance of the task to be exercised tomorrow. Members are aware of the University's policies on the late submission of assignments, and this calls for an urgent action that bounds andrequires strict attendance by all of the stakeholders. It is expected that the members are preparingand already coming up with ideas of how best we can tackle our school work as a team without interfering with our current careers and busy schedule as this is by far the biggest challenge that our team will be facing as soon as we disperse.Purpose/ Prompt
[3]The purpose of this memo is to provide an analysis of the key issues in educational programs, providing recommendations for the future Blueprint, future actions and factors of consideration for team-based activities in educational programs. These points are expounded as follows:ThesisIn order to function together as a high-performance team then the members must come up with ideas to solve these key problems that are being faced because it may prove more problematic if not well taken care of. Since it is inevitable for the team to be geographically dispersed, membersmust carefully rethink about our technological pieces (Adair, 2003, p. 8).Three Key IssuesTo start with, is the compatibility of the computing platforms, the fact that all our members have different software applications that can perform similar tasks means that if each of us uses their preferred software we may have a problem when trying to integrate our results. The second issueis that it would be prudent to consider our preferred method of communicating as well as sharinginformation. We could either schedule meetings in-person meetings at Ivey's ING Centre in Toronto or hold faces to face meetings at members' workplaces, or homes or both any other suggestions are welcome. We will also need to determine the mechanics of asynchronous document sharing since email is not a great solution as they tend to limit the size of attachments. Last but not least we will also need to find a viable way for us to coordinate teamwork especiallylong-term projects that span throughout the five-month term. Kindly keep these issues in mind and come up with practical solutions to these matters. Every member needs to understand that

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