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Business Communication and Academic WritingInstitutional AffiliationNameDate
PART ONE: EMAILTo:From:Samjones@gmail.comDate: 23 October 2017Subject: Team meetingDear TeamI have noted with concern that the company’s revenues and production capacity havesignificantly dropped as a result of your failure to use the newly acquired computer system andsoftware. You are therefore requested to attend a meeting at the conference tomorrow from 9 amto deliberate on this issueThanks and regardsSam JonesCEOTel 7472017592Fax 0308949823
PART TWO: PROGRESS REPORT (MEMO)MEMO SJ SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANYTo: All employeesFrom: Sam JonesSubject: Items on Agenda for 23 October 2017 MeetingDate: 25 October 2017Following the successful meeting that we held on 23rd October 2017 to deliberate on theperformance of the company regarding its productivity and sales capacity, I would like tosincerely thank you for your substantial contributions that made the meeting a success.Your enthusiasm and willingness to talk freely was impressive and undoubtedly the reason forthe meaningful resolutions that we arrived at. I would like to commend you for your dedicationtowards improving the current state of the organization that has affected our ability to competewith other players effectively.As noted in the meeting that the main contributor to your failure to use the newly acquiredcomputer system and software was inadequate training, I have also organized weekly training forall members beginning 30th of this month and which will be carried out after the end of workinghours. These training will be mandatory for all employees failure to which might result indisciplinary action. You are advised to use these training sessions to have your variouschallenges that hindered you from carrying you your duties addressed efficiently by activelyparticipating and asking questions and for clarifications where you fail to understand.
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