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Research Proposal Form

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Added on  2023-03-21

About This Document

This document is a research proposal form that needs to be filled out for a study project. It includes sections for the student's name, center name, tutor, unit, proposed title, research objectives, reasons for choosing the project, literature sources, activities and timescales, and research approach and methodologies.

Research Proposal Form

   Added on 2023-03-21

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Research Proposal Form
Student Name: ______________________ Student ID:
Centre Name: _____________________
Tutor: ________________ Date: ___________________
Unit: ____________________
Proposed Title: ______________________________________________
Section One: Title, objective, responsibilities
Title or working title of the research project (in the form of a question, objective or hypothesis)
To explore the effectiveness of implementing booking online system - A study of charlotte hotel
Research objectives (e.g what is the question you want to answer? What do you want to learn
how to do? What do you want to find out?):
Research objective
To understand the importance of booking online system
To identify the effectiveness of booking online system on the charlotte hotel
To evaluate the impact of booking online system on the charlotte hotel
To recommend strategies for successful implementation of booking online system
Research Proposal Form_1
Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research project
Reasons for choosing the project (e.g links to other subjects you are studying, personal interest,
future plans, knowledge/skills you want to improve, why the topic is important):
The reason for choosing this topic is that there is lack of implementation of new technology within
the small enterprise. Along with this it also develops deep understanding of researcher related to
the booking online technology.
Section Three: Literature sources searched
Use of key literature sources to support your research question, objective or hypothesis:
According to the Gnyawali and Park, (2011), digital technology plays significant role within the firm.
It made easier for company to make innovative products for customers and deliver them on time.
Along with this, customers can easily gain knowledge regarding the products and services on
company website and book tickets online. Nambisan, (2013) state lots of time company can have
saved with the use of new digital technologies and it also lead to reduce cost. Peppard and Ward,
(2016) argued that employees should be provided training and development facility so that the can
use digital technology in an effective manner.
Section Four: Activities and timescales
Activities to be carried out during the research project (e.g research, development and
analysis of ideas, writing, data collection, numerical analysis, tutor meetings, production
of final outcome, evaluation, writing the report):
Activity/Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Research Proposal Form_2

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