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Answer: 1Bulk excavation and fillAnswer: 2Jack’s ExcavationAnswer: 3A.ResourceAnswer: 4Labour, 1 and $10,200Answer: 5Install sheet flooring.Answer: 6Timber Specialist.Answer: 7A.Resource.Answer: 81.Material2.10633.$3.00Case study: 3Answer: 1B.Plot the actual cost on a graph.It was require to collect information about which month expense most.1|P a g e
Answer: 2Answer:April3210May-2510June290July1600August100September1030Answer:3B: March and May, these month were underestimated. That could be major impact on thebuilder’s capacity.Answer: 4A.No you cannot see this directly from the graph. In order to estimate overall project wasunderestimated or overestimated, it was require to calculate accumulated difference andplotted on a graph.May-1830June-1540July60August160September1190Answer: 5Overestimated.The total project costs were overestimated. The builder was precise or accurate for their workbecause difference found only $1190.Task-1Project schedule:2|P a g e
Project ScheduleProject Schedule with critical path3|P a g e
Project scheduleLabour schedule:Labour schedule with shift and Labour CostsPeriod of start timeEmployeesMonTueWedThuFriSatSunPaidTotalName08-01-201809-01-201810-01-201811-01-201812-01-201813-01-201814-01-2018HourLabourcostEmployee1DayshiftDayshiftNightshiftDayshiftNightshift40$620Employee2LeaveShift BShit AShift C20$310Employee3Total Paid HourDaily Labour CostNote: Shift A,B,C are 8hoursDay shift : 8:30 to 5:30 PM4|P a g e
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