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Construction Project Management Case Studies and Processes

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Added on  2019-09-30

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This article covers case studies and processes related to construction project management including labor schedule, material schedule, process ordering, and more. It also discusses the importance of project budgeting and condition approval for building or construction projects.

Construction Project Management Case Studies and Processes

   Added on 2019-09-30

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Case study:1 Answer: 1Bulk excavation and fill Answer: 2 Jack’s Excavation Answer: 3 A.Resource Answer: 4 Labour, 1 and $10,200Answer: 5 Install sheet flooring.Answer: 6 Timber Specialist. Answer: 7 A.Resource. Answer: 8 1.Material 2.10633.$3.00 Case study: 2 1.On call forward sheet. 2.Look at the contract. 3.Look at call forward sheet. 4.List of nominated suppliers. 5.Put the order number on the call forward sheet. 6.Contract 7.Quote. 1 | Page
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8.Contract. Case study: 3 Answer: 1B.Plot the actual cost on a graph.It was require to collect information about which month expense most. Answer: 2 Answer: April 3210May-2510June 290July 1600August 100September1030 Answer: 3 B: March and May, these month were underestimated. That could be major impacton the builder’s capacity. Answer: 4 A.No you cannot see this directly from the graph. In order to estimate overall projectwas underestimated or overestimated, it was require to calculate accumulateddifference and plotted on a graph. May-1830June-1540July 60August 160September1190Answer: 5 Overestimated. The total project costs were overestimated. The builder was precise or accurate for theirwork because difference found only $1190. Written questions and answers: 2 | Page
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Answer: 1 1.Condition of approval for building or construction project. a.Certified license for the building appointment and surveyor. b.Application for building approval and relevant charge and fees structure. c.Authorised licensed for the appoint builder or need to appoint as owner ofbuilder which provide eligibility for the construction of building. d.Building approval information package. Need to provide certified properlyprepared plan which provide work will done so far. e. Fees paid according to government act for the working requirement andbuilding approval. f.A building levy, that require for the all plans need to certifier as percertificate. g.A training levy, that require if the construction work value more than$10,000.h.Work place safety fees, that need for all commercial construction and manytime for residential construction. 2.Condition approval : a.Need to send proposal or notice in order to highlight that need developmentapproval. b.Specific lease conditions. c.Requirements of the building approval. The above conditions conduct everything you require to develop or as per your land requirement for development. Example like certain residential leases at the new suburbs, the3 | Page
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construction must be initial within 11 to 12 months of the date of development approval and need to complete at specific time limit such as within 24 hours. Answer: 2 The following are typical project plans: 1.Project layout plan.2.Safety plant and safety instruction or safety module. 3.Different sections. 4.Runway plant and runway profile. 5.Pavement marking and pavement signing plan. 6.Taxiway plan and profile. 7.Grading and drainage plan. 8.Lighting plan 9.Plumbing plan10.Miscellaneous plan11.Fire safety plan12.Worker safety plan 13.Cross sections14.Project layout plan. Specification needed: Drawing types and drawing specification.4 | Page
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Title planes. Dimensions.Symbols. Scales.AbrasivesSpecifications Information drawing and specification. Answer: 3 Business owners create budget for product or service that provide outline of the cost andexpenses of the product or projects. If they assess whether the objective that you place havebeen set as per spending perspective. In case costs may leads to outweigh the gains, then theproject would be worth for that. Therefore breakdown also necessary for the financialcapacity and support of finance gain. The project budget should be realistic and display asaccurate expense whether that budget possible or not. The budget is only need for things thatyou need and make sure analysis manage entire project duration. The breakdown also essential for assess manpower needs, account for travels, andconsideration of equipment and weigh costs of others supports. 5 | Page
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Task-1 Project schedule: Project Schedule 6 | Page
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