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An Ethical Dilemma: Apple's Stand on Customer Privacy vs National Security

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Added on  2023-06-10

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This case study discusses the hot debate between Apple and the U.S government on protecting customer digital privacy vs national security. It explores how the case affects government, business, and society. The article also discusses the ethical dilemma it poses and how it applies to personal/professional life.

An Ethical Dilemma: Apple's Stand on Customer Privacy vs National Security

   Added on 2023-06-10

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Running head: AN ETHICAL DILEMMA 1
An Ethical Dilemma
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An Ethical Dilemma: Apple's Stand on Customer Privacy vs National Security_1
New and Relevant Information to the Case Study.
From the case study it is evident that the new and relevant information making the
plotline is about the hot debate on February 2016 between Apple and digital rights who were
protecting customer digital privacy and the U.S government and the Federal Bureau of
Investigation who wanted Apple and other companies to concur and offer a helping hand in
protecting national security (Potapchuk, 2016).
An example of where the U.S government wanted a helping hand from Apple is after the
terrorist attack that took place in San Bernardino where the FBI demanded a backdoor to the
iPhone of the terrorist. However, this bore no fruits where Cook the CEO to apple declined so as
to honor the privacy and security of the customers. Another incident is in 2010 where a proposed
draft legislation which would lead to the technology organizations like Apple concur in
providing unencrypted data which the government by then decided not to move on with the
How Case Concept have been Applied to Personal/ Professional Life.
The business model of Apple was clearly based on selling products but not tapping data,
unlike other organizations, for example, Google who does this. By this, through the major use of
iPhones in storing personal information prompted the Apple’s CEO to stand firm in securing
customers privacy.
A counter-terrorism data collection in 2007 allowed the National Security Agency to
receive for example emails, video clips, voice and video calls where Apple was not an exception.
In response to this, the company implemented safety encryption measures where concludingly,
the CEO gave an adhered professional response that the business model is straightforward that
An Ethical Dilemma: Apple's Stand on Customer Privacy vs National Security_2

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