Application of IoT in Home Automation

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Running head: APPLICATION OF IOT IN HOME AUTOMATIONApplication of IoT in Home AutomationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
APPLICATION OF IOT IN HOME AUTOMATION1Literature ReviewVarious researches have been conducted on the applications of Internet of Things (IoT)such as Industrial control, home automation and many more. The application of IoT in HomeAutomation systems is studied in this literature review. Home Automation also known as smarthome is the automation of the home utilities such as lighting, security, heating, air-conditioningand home appliances.Home Automation is achieved by inter connection of different services and appliancesavailable in a home. The devices are able to communicate with each other in machine languageconnected over a Wi-Fi connection and provide optimum performance to the users. This systemalso supports remote access, thus allowing worldwide user access. These key concepts can beobtained from studying the papers on IoT based Home Automation.The research produced in this literature is the development of IoT with the help ofRaspberry PI (Kulkarniet al.2017). The technology supports a large number of sensors togenerate and analyse huge quantity of data that helps to monitor and control any electronic andelectrical appliances. The research provides remote access to the devices and collecting thenecessary data recorded by them. Such data includes user preference and usage details. RemoteAccess is the advantage here but the disadvantage includes high security risks as the systemlacks privacy protection. The research in this literature is aimed at providing home automationwith the help of IP addressing system (Iazet al.2017). IP addressing provides a unique identityto each appliance. This system also supports remote access and even cell phones can be used,which increases the security threats. This literature review demonstrates a research on smarthome system usingasymmetric Elliptic Curve Cryptography that increase the security provided
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