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Applying MathematicsAssessment Two Part OneASSESSMENT TWO PART ONE: UNIVARIATE ANALYSISTOTAL OF UNIT MARK: 20% DUE DATE: 11:59pm WST Sunday 15th April 2018 (Submit via Blackboard)This assignment requires you to display and analyse the data in the table below by completing a series of set tasks. The data is from a time series set over 32 years examining factors relating to climate change. The variables in the data are:YearYear the data was collectedENSO CycleEl Nino-Southern Oscillation” Periodic variation in winds and sea surface temperatures resulting in climatic cooling and warming phasesSea IceRecorded in 1,000,000’s of square kilometres, measured in September each year, at the end of each melting seasonTemperatureThe mean annual global surface temperature measured in degrees centigradeSolar IrradianceThe power per unit area received by the Earth from the Sun, measured in Watts per square metreAtmospheric CO2The volume of CO2 in the atmosphere, measured in Parts Per MillionThe data table is on the next page.*Hint: copy and paste this table into Excel if you plan to use Excel to assist with your calculations andgraphs, to help eliminate input error.

Applying MathematicsAssessment Two Part OneThe data relating to climate change over a period of 32 years is as follows:YearENSO CycleSea Ice TemperatureSolar IrradianceAtmospheric CO2(×1,000,000 km2)( ̊c)(W/m2)(ppm)1979El Nino7.281366.06336.671980Neutral7.85191365.72338.571981Neutral7.25261366.51339.921982El Nino7.4541366.16341.31983La Nina7.52251366.18342.711984La Nina7.1791365.9344.241985Neutral6.9341365.77345.811986El Nino7.54121365.59347.111987El Nino7.48271365.67348.721988La Nina7.49311365.97351.041989Neutral7.04191366.46352.681990Neutral6.24361365.74353.971991El Nino6.55361366.34355.371992Neutral7.55131366.17356.181993Neutral6.5131365.86356.691994El Nino7.18231365.69358.141995La Nina6.13371366.02360.021996Neutral7.88291365.5361.951997El Nino6.74391365.65363.181998La Nina6.56561365.98365.191999La Nina6.24311366.18367.862000La Nina6.32331366.27368.832001Neutral6.75471366.33370.432002El Nino5.96561366.1372.012003Neutral6.15551365.92374.452004El Nino6.05481365.7376.772005La Nina5.57631365.51378.32006El Nino5.92551365.44380.832007La Nina4.3581365.32382.562008La Nina4.68441365.87384.392009El Nino5.36571366.03386.342010La Nina4.9631365.46388.13

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