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Asos case study retail fashion

Added on - 31 May 2021

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ASOS Case Study1ASOS CASE STUDYName:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:
ASOS Case Study2Question OneSearch Engine OptimizationExploration engine for optimization refers to procedure of impacting online visibility ofany site or page within website search unpaid results tool normally referred to as "common,""natural," or "earned" outcomes. It remains to be methodology of different strategies, tactics, andtechniques applicable to increase the number of visitors to a website. It increases this numberthrough ideas of obtaining the high-ranking placement in the search outcomes page of varioussearch engines that include Yahoo, Google, Bing, as well as other search engines. Search EngineOptimization has different goals that consist of need to create a great and seamless experience towebsite users (A Survey on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2017, p. 3). It also remains to bethe engine used to communicate to the intentions of web users making it essential inrecommending an individual website for relevant searches. All these definitions of SearchEngine Optimization make it to be an ever-changing as well as the high science that is alwaystough to understand (Poojary et al., 2017, p. 142). Website streamlining targets distinctive sortsof pursuit that comprise of picture look, search of scholarly, search of video, news look, alongwith industry-specific engines for vertical search.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies advice to ASOS to implement to optimizetheir businessASOS can use various strategies through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximizetheir business operations that deal with the discovery of latest fashion together with trends inmenswear and womenswear. The first strategy will be the setting up the right goals for digitalmarketing by the use of the 5Ss. The idea will ensure that all the online marketing of ASOScover all the bases for business operation (Berman and Katona 2011, p. 24). The purpose ofestablishing a good set of digital marketing goals that includes a range of various measured canhelp in setting, reviewing, and controlling performance of ASOS across all its digital marketingactivities. The strategy of using 5Ss of digital marketing can be an appropriate, simple startingpoint that can help the ASOS to check that they are covering the whole digital marketing but notjust focusing on its sales of fashion wears. Improving speed of the site of ASOS can be a usefulstrategy that can help the company to optimize their business. The rate at which the company’sWebPages load remains to be the differentiator for search engines (Talarico 2018, p. 3).
ASOS Case Study3Therefore, focusing on increasing the rate of website access can help the company to attain thehigh number of the consumer as they consumers will always get it easy to access the site and buytheir products. Besides, the company can embrace the idea of writing the lengthy description oftheir products and pages along with sprinkle keywords can help in boosting operations of theASOS fashion organizationThe use of long description s of different products differed from the company can helpmost visitors to understand the value of company’s websites adequately. More content on ASOSweb pages allows search engines used to crawl as well as offer values to web uses (Scott 2015, p.23). For instance, use of long descriptive can help ASOS to describe to their targeted clientissues concerning their items with long lead times that they know will offer, for example,adornments together with calfskin coats. The strategy can also help ASOS to demonstrate to theirtargeted client some of the short order that they purchase daily. Additionally, by use of SEO,ASOS can concentrate on the use of neuromarketing hacks to help the company to maximizepage CTR. The idea will help the company to come out of the stress on the need to include itsmain keyword on their page’s title page (Prakash and Verma 2016, p. 7). However, the strategyof using prefixes or Click Magnets that comprise of “Cheap,” “Buy,” along with “Thirty percentOff” can assist in increasing CTR of ASOS and help the organization to show up for long tailsearch queries. Therefore, it will be advisable for the ASOS to utilize prefixes for every productpage as most visitors punch in more precise queries that include “cheap winter skips” or“Nordstrom deals.” Additionally, other strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) thatASOS can use in implementing its marketing operations include the use of date modifiers forcoupons as an effective way of showing visitors that every card of wears they deal with arebrandy. The other strategy consists of the idea of implementing product review schema bydisplaying snippets in Google as a way of using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attractmore clients to purchase products from ASOS fashion industry. The use of snippets can help inoffering a way of adding extra data to the search listing that could be in the form of a star ratingof the review or price of the item (Berman and Katona 2011, p. 4). The strategy of implementingsuch operations of SEO on ASOS can help in ensuring that every customer can assess products’information without spending more time on company’s webpage.Question Two
ASOS Case Study4Content marketingIt refers to a form of marketing that focuses on ideas of creating, publishing, as well asdistributing of different contents for the targeted online audience by different individuals ororganizations, especially in business community. Ideas of content marketing are alwaysapplicable to various businesses to attract attention and making generate leads. It also used bybusiness to expand their customer base, create or increase sales on online, to raise awareness ofbrand or credibility, and engage the online community of users (McKay-Nesbitt and Yoon 2015,p. 43). Besides, content marketing attracts prospects along with transforming prospects intoclients by developing as well as sharing different valuable free content. Therefore, contentmarketing helps most companies such as ASOS in creating sustainable loyal to their brands. It isalso an ideal platform used for the provision of valuable data to different consumers and creatingthe willingness of targeted buyers to purchase different products from the organization in thefuture (Pikula-Malachowska 2017, p. 294). Therefore, content marketing in most businesssectors continues to be approach of planned marketing that focused on development withsupplying relevant, valuable, along with predictable substance with the point of drawing in andholding the unmistakably characterized group of onlookers and it ultimately helps in drivingprofitable customer action.Why content marketing is essential for ASOSLike any other organization in the business world, ASOS business is likely wrestling withthe convergence of changes that are upending different familiar tactics the management use tocommunicate with prospects along with customers. The method of content marketing has severaladvantages to operations of ASOS (Wilcock 2017, p. 175). For instance, it helps in building thetrust of its operations with visitors. The more content that the company creates and share with itstarget audience, the more apparent it becomes that the services are an authority in its field ofactivities. Besides, content marketing help in building brand awareness for the ASOS. It alsoimproves the great for Organic Search where when an individual open the company browser andtype any keyword or phrase into Google (Jarvinene and Taiminem 2016, p. 169). The searchengine can work hard to bring the searcher the most relevant data regarding their search query.The use of content marketing in operations of ASOS is essential as it helps in generating leadsfor the business operations, attract ideal buyers during services, and convert more website
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