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MBA503 Assessment 4: Reflective Video on Operations Management and Decision-Making

Added on -2019-09-23

Produce a 7-minute video reflecting on your experiences in MBA503, including the group project, individual assignment, and workshops. Use the provided questions to guide your critical reflection. Graded on evidence of critical thought development.
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Assessment DescriptionSubmission: Recorded video reflection (Vimeo)Length: Seven (7) minutesLate submission possible: Yes but published penalties will be appliedAssessment briefYouarerequiredtoscriptandproduceavideothatcapturesyoupresentingyourthoughtsfollowinga critical reflection on your experiences whilst completing thissubject.Your video should also capture your learning experience from participating in the group project and presentation,yourindividualassignment,yourdiscussionsintheworkshops,andanyotherissuesyou consider relevant in your study of operations management anddecision-making.Thislistofquestionsbelowmaybeusefulinyourcriticalreflection.Thesearesuggestionsonly. You can certainly address issues that are not in thislist:Howhasyourunderstandingofoperationsmanagementanddecision-makingchangedasyou progressed through thesubject?Whatmajorlearningonoperationalmanagementanddecision-makingcanyouapplyinpracticeas a manager in yourorganisation?Haswhatyouhavelearnedinthissubjectcreatedanincreasedawarenessoftheimportanceof managing operations? Explain yourreasons.You have participated in a number of group activities and discussions. How have these discussionsinfluencedyourviewsand/orknowledgeonoperationsmanagementanddecision- making?Arethereanyotheraspectsyouhavereflectedonthatarenotincludedabove?Includethemalso.This assessment will be graded based on evidence of critical thought development and a detailed markingrubricisavailabletoyou.Thevideodoesnotrequirespecialequipment.Aproperlycaptured video from a mobile phone or camera will be perfectlysatisfactory.COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Kaplan Business School pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (‘Act’). The materialin this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protectionunder the Act. Kaplan Business School is a part of Kaplan Inc., a leading global provider of educational services. Kaplan Business School Pty Ltd ABN 86 098 181 947 is aregistered higher education provider CRICOS Provider Code02426B.Assessment Information

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