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Strategic Role Of HRM| CERA

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Assessment item 1Critical evaluation of information sourcesValue: 10%Length: 1000 words +/- 10%Submission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskThis task must be attempted by all students.In Topic 1, Israel Tobin, CERA’s HR Manager, has been asked to prepare a short, crisppresentation for his executive management team colleagues onhow HR benefits organisationalperformance. This is a ‘moment of truth’ for Israel and for the company. CERA is an SMEwhose executives have a limited understanding of the strategic role of HRM. So, it is importantfor Israel to base his presentation on information that is persuasive, evidence-based and canwithstand challenge.Your task is to provide a critical comparison of two sources of informationthat willcontribute to explaining the role of HRM in effective organizationalperformance.Select the academic source by Tung-Chun, above, and locateone non-academic, digital source that you believe is useful in explaining to theCERA executive team how HRM benefits business performance.Your task is to provide a criticalcomparison of two sources of information that will contribute toexplaining the role of HRM in effective organisational performance.RationaleThis assessment task will enable you to demonstrate your achievement of the following learningoutcome in the subject:• be able to critically evaluate the role of human resource management in effective organisationalperformanceMarking criteria201690 HRM 502 Marking guide – Assessment 1Criterion andweightingHigh distinctionDistinctionCreditPassFailCriticalcomparison of twosources relating toCritical thought isapplied to thecomparison ofIdentifies theimplications ofthe differencesCorrectly analysesthe differencesbetween the twoCorrectlyidentifies severaldifferencesPoor qualityanswer thatcontains little or
the role of HRMin effective org.performance(7marks)sources, havingregard to thepurpose to whichthe information isbeing put. Thepaper demonstratesdepth in evaluationof sources.between the twosources, anddemonstratescritical thought indoing so.sources and is ableto demonstrate howthis is relevant to theinformation task.between the twosources, but someinaccuracies orerrors injudgment. Theseare linked to theinformation task,but there areseveral substantiationof claims. (< 3.5)Referencing (3marks)(Minimumreferencingrequirement: threesources, includingone academicsource.)Correct use of theAPA 6 system forin-text citationsand references.Minor errors inuse ofpunctuation anditalics inapplying theAPA 6 systemfor in-textcitations andreferences.Errors in providingcorrect details ofsources in applyingthe APA 6 systemfor in-text citationsand references.Errors inpunctuation anddetails of sourcesin applying theAPA 6 system.Fails to apply theAPA6 system inall or most in-textcitations andreferences. (<2.5).Presentation• Use sentences and paragraphs, with an introduction and conclusion.• A table may be used.• 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing.• Title page showing the word count (excluding the reference list), name, student number, subjecttitle.• Numbered pages, with a running header showing name and student number.• Provide a reference list of sources used in the paper.RequirementsThis assignment must be submitted through Turnitin.Use only two information sources, as specified in the task.Do not use appendices or footnotes.Use the APA 6 referencing system.Do not number or dot point the reference list.For this asessment APA referencing format is required. For guidance in the use of thisreferencing please see the CSU Referencing website at information to assist you with your assignment can be found here
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