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Assessment Plan Summary & Roadmap

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Added on  2023-02-01

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This document provides a summary and roadmap for an assessment plan, including the needs assessment questions, data collection methods, data analysis, and dissemination of findings.

Assessment Plan Summary & Roadmap

   Added on 2023-02-01

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Assessment Plan Summary& Roadmap Name:
NOTE: Each of the columns should move smoothly from one to the other (e.g., yourassessment questions should match the definition of data to be collected which should correspond to the
instrumentation used, etc.). Also, be specific in your description of data, measures, and collection methods!
Needs Assessment
Question& Corresponding
Definition of Data to be
Collected (e.g., knowledge,
attitudes, beliefs, attendance,
budget information, behaviors,
Instrumentation and
Measures Used(e.g., surveys,
focus groups, mailed/emailed
questionnaires, existing date,
etc. [identify specific measures
—e.g., validated HIV
Knowledge Questionnaire])
Data Collection (e.g., how,
when, where, and to whom the
instruments will be
administered—who will be
administering them)?
Data Analysis (e.g., how will
the data be manipulated to
assess changes in the
participants and/or
program/policy? Who will
manipulate the data)?
Dissemination (e.g., how and
to whom will this information
be shared? Participants?
Stakeholders? Staff? How
will the findings and/or results
best used?)
Does lower socioeconomic
background of students have
any effect over their mental
health problems?
Does the anxiety and
dipression have any stake in
the performance and
engagement of students in the
academic level?
Self reported counseling and
the survey or quantitative data
collection from different
students from different
socioeconomic background.
The quantitative data
collection was the process by
which the statistical data
colleted and analysed to
determine the results.
Here in order to determine the
problem the survey was done
with a questionnaire
comprised with close ended
quantitative questions.
However, the qualitative
questions that would assess
the behavioural pattern of the
students also used in this
survey and interview process
of data collection. The focus
group would be the low
socioeconomic grouped
Cross sectional surveys would
be used with the close ended
questionnaires in order to
determine the problemin a
quantitative way. The survey
would be done during the club
hours 1 to 21 May, 2019. This
procedure would comprised of
20 surveys each to find the
answers of the questions.
Data analysis method used
here are the Factor analysis,
Regression and Correlation
method. These analytical data
would be helpful in the
determination process of the
data collected and find the
actual result to address the
answer of the assessment
The information or the results
would be used for the report or
article writing and also the
information needed to be
presented to the CUNY
management personnekl and
the stakholders of the
university as well in order to
develop counter measures for
the situations or developing
better counseling process or
environment for the low
socioeconomic background
students as they are the most
vulnerable ones in this

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