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Human Resource Management Essay 2022

Write an essay on attracting and retaining staff in a specific industry sector or problem, using the feedback and material from Assessment 2.

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Added on  2022-10-11

Human Resource Management Essay 2022

Write an essay on attracting and retaining staff in a specific industry sector or problem, using the feedback and material from Assessment 2.

   Added on 2022-10-11

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Human Resource Management
Human Resource  Management  Essay  2022_1
Essay on key challenges in attracting and retaining a workforce in education sector
This essay demonstrates key challenges related to attracting as well as, retaining the workforces
in education sector. It also explains evolution of HRM (human resource management), industrial
relation, HRP (human resource planning) in changing environment, work design challenges in
global environment, and HRD (human resource development).
Week 1: Evolution of Human Resource Management
It is addressed that concept of HRM is developed via different phases. In the nation of Australia,
evolution of HRM is created via different phases. Moreover, initial phase was associated with
administration phase with personnel manager, line executives as well as, experts such as trainers
and recruitment officers performing HR practices without being affirmed as an independent
occupation. In the nation of Australia, earlier World War II, these roles were highly limited with
administrative sectors (Rotich, 2015).
It is evaluated that the second phase demonstrates the more specialized strategy as employers
should focus on recruiting skilled employees through government programs as well as, the
demand for a job in Post World War II prospect. Through third phase, personnel management is
initiated to merge within human resource management. In addition, aspect related to HRM and
SHRM has developed afterward (Kramar & Steane, 2012). The next phase is the latest phase
when some factors such as increasing world economy as well as, globalization have
consequences in gained demand related to HRM.
It is illustrated that strategic human resource management emphasizes on need associated with
HR plan and strategies to be created with regards to overall objectives of the firm. It can be
Human Resource  Management  Essay  2022_2
responsive with respect to making changes in nature associated with the external atmosphere of
the company (Burgess, Cameron, & Rainnie, 2014).
SHRM could be concerned primarily as well as, it could be contributed with respect to bottom-
line achievement of the educational sector. SHRM could be highly focused on human resource
management. There are certain administrative managers that have inadequate managerial
competencies, commitment and other cannot pose self-confidence, business acumen and status
with respect to implementing the agenda related to SHRM (Samwel, 2018). Furthermore,
stakeholder theory emphasizes on accountabilities that the firm has with regards to all associated
stakeholders. The key ethical concern in HRM is a strategy in which, workforces are managed
for attaining goals with objectives of business (Van den Broeck, et. al., 2010).
Week 3: Industrial Relations: Frameworks and Practices
Industrial relation is significant to develop the aspect related to the green economy as well as the
regeneration related to areas, which is reducing. In different states, there are some regions that
once developed in international producing however, in current times, it is an inopportune region
with respect to economical decay, unemployment as well as, declining the infrastructure
(Cumming, Sumsion, & Wong, 2015).
Adequate industrial relation system could be considered in HRM. It could be introduced as a
sustainable industry. IR constitutes significant part to keep regulatory structure related to
employment in specific position. Moreover, feasible IR strategy could be advantageous for
companies of the respective situation; different limitations such as imbalanced pay between
genders as well as, inequitable transformations in the workplace are constant in certain locations
(Azman, Sirat, & Pang, 2016). It could be developed that industrial relation can travel in across
nations and impact the same. Furthermore, the economic and political condition can affect the IR
Human Resource  Management  Essay  2022_3
association. It is stated that Australia has higher scope related to further investigation in the
education areas (Harrington & Maysami, 2015).
The fair work act 2009 depicts employees as collective members, unions as well as, individuals.
Moreover, employees have rights with respect to requesting changes. In addition to this, causes
for refusal could be considered and provided to employees within 21 days of the period on their
request. Furthermore, fair work act 2009 increases compulsion to provide polite safety net as
well as, increases compliance system. The equal compensation approach demonstrates that the
gender pay gap in Australia can remain persistently is about 18% (Kigo & Gachunga, 2016).
Employees should be aware as well as flexible with respect to developed effective changes in the
educational field. Bullying exists in the educational sector in which, one or more person
participated in the unreasonable and repeated attitude in the context of workforces (Martin &
Ottemann, 2016). It also creates vagueness with respect to educational policies. An individual
who is logically depicts that they were bullied within an organization then they can complain
about the HRD department for eliminating such issues (Kakar, Raziq, & Khan, 2017).
Week 4: Human Resource Planning in a Changing Environment
HRP can be crucial element of entire approaches regarding how a company operates. It should
address the requirements of workforces and supports them for attaining the goal of an
organization. It is addressed that adequate HR planning could be comprehended for making
transforming in business atmospheres as well as, anticipating the potential business requirements
and thinks in ahead of time (Cameron, Dhakal, & Burgess, 2017).
There are different objectives related to human resource development. The key aim of HR
planning is to develop the awareness of workforces and organizational requirements in advance.
Human Resource  Management  Essay  2022_4

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