Unit 05: Website Design & Development

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ASSIGNMENT 1 FRONT SHEETQualificationTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in ComputingUnit number and titleUnit 05: Website Design & DevelopmentSubmission dateDate Received 1st submissionRe-submission DateDate Received 2nd submissionStudent NameStudent IDClassAssessor nameStudent declarationI certify that the assignment submission is entirely my own work and I fully understand the consequences ofplagiarism.I understand that making a false declaration is a form of malpractice.Student’s signatureGrading gridP5P6P7M4M5D2D31
Summative Feedback:Resubmission Feedback:Grade:Assessor Signature:Date:Signature & Date:2
IINTRODUCENowadays, in the hustle and bustle of people, it is too far away to take the time to go out to shop.Therefore, online shopping becomes more important and necessary, just one click away, they canget the product they want. After going to the sales website, choosing a product, just placing anorder, the seller will bring the product to your home. Online shopping allows you to buy itemswhenever you want. So, in this report, I will use website technologies, tools and techniques withdesigning a florist website. Then, I will create and use the Test Plan to review the site'sperformance and design.IIUtilize website technologies, tools andtechniques with good design principles tocreate a multipage website.1.Create a design document for a branded,multipage website supported with mediumfidelity wireframes and a full set of client anduser requirements ...Fresh flowers have long become meaningful gifts that everyone gives to each other. Each flowerhas its own meaning and each bouquet will replace what the giver wants to say.Gradually, the flower-selling service becomes extremely attractive to many flower lovers andbusiness enthusiasts. Now, if they want to develop their business, outperform the competition,the shop owners have started to Onlineize the service of providing fresh flowers and everythingstarts with designing a website that sells fresh flowers.1.1 Website construction goalsFirst, an online website needs to have a beautiful and attractive web interface to customers.Designing a beautiful interface in color tones matching the products sold is a mandatorycriterion for a website that sells fresh flowers.a)Object of the website:Website is built to serve two main objects: Admin and Customers with the following functions:-Admin:Website loginView, update, delete product information.Manage ordersView, respond to customer comments, suggestions and feedback or delete suchinformation from customers4
View, delete information of customers but not have the right to change thatinformationNews updates-Customer (user and guest):View product information as well as other news.Order productsb)Characteristics:Build a simple, user-friendly, easy-to-use online florist system that allows customers to viewinformation and place orders online, administrators manage product information as well asusers.Website designed with:-Harmonious and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to use.-The home page will display a list of the newest and best-selling products that make iteasier for users to find.-Customers can easily find detailed information about the flowers they are interested in.-Customers can choose to buy the flowers they need based on their financial capacityand required functionality by adding them to the cart.-Have the function of registration, login. Customers can send feedback and suggestionsto the Website to contribute to enriching and developing the Website. use, allowingcustomers to view information and place orders online, administrators to manageinformation about products as well as users.1.2 System analysisa)The system's input and output information:Input information:-Customer information-Product information-Information about the company and related articles-The feedback-The orderInformation output:-Details of the product-Bill-The feedbackb)Influence agentCustomer (Client):UserandGuestAdmin5
Figure1. Influence agent6
1.3 Use Case DiagramFigure2. Use Case Diagram1.4 Product Management DiagramMy florist system consists of two main entities: product and userTable Product:7
Figure3. Table productTable User:Figure4. Table userAnd below is my product management diagram:Figure5. Product Management Diagram1.5 WireframeMy website consists of the following main directories:8
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