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Assignment 1Student Name: Student ID: Course Name: Course ID:Faculty Name: University Name:
Task 1Task 1.1Given below are the phases that are likely to be in the college life cycle:a)Developing plan for getting entry into the collegeb)Assessing and understanding the objectives that are to be achieved by the end of the collegec)Developing study schedule that will be followed on regular basis for the entire education.d)Focusing on the completion of the classes.Task 1.2Some of the activities for each phase are given in the following sections.Phase ACollecting resources for planning, consulting seniors and faculties, and developing the planPhase BEvaluating what others achieved out of this college, understanding personal goals, and then identifying education objectives.Phase CAnalysing personal capacity to study, identifying daily goals of study, achieving those goalsPhase DAssessing classes to take, arranging resources, attending the classes.
Task 1.3Some of the techniques are getting up early by 5 am and doing self-study for around 3 hours. Then engaging in daily chores and then attending classes. By the end of the day, revising what has been taught in the classes. Task 1.4The first model is attending daily lectures and working on the assignments on the regular basis. Engaging with team members (if team is formed) to complete particular assigned tasks on regular basis. Also, it will be ensured that less time is consumed on unnecessary discussions and distractions. This will help in plan and control of completing the college. The model that will be used to get through the college is exam focused. Preparation for semester and final exams will be done separately to ensure that good grades are achieved. A regular two hours of self-study in the morning with focus on exam is more likely to help. Thismodel will help in getting through the college. Task 1.5Daily planner for the assignment tracking and completion will be used. In addition to this, reminders will be used to identify things that are to be done. Task 2Task 2.1It will be an appreciable effort that the project managers are developed from within the organization. The reasons behind this are ample. Some of the reasons are that the employees who are working in the company for very long tend to more be more loyal and faithful for thecompany (Bidwell, 2011). Moreover, they are aware of the organization’s culture and will

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