Assignment The Concepts of Motivation

Added on - 13 Sep 2019

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Assignment 2Written assignmentTask: 1: 500 word (max) scenarioTask 2: 1,500 word essay exclusive of appendices, diagrams,tables, list of referencesTask 3: 12 page table of recommendationsWeight:Marked out of 100 and worth 45% of total assessmentRelevant Modules:Module 1 to Module 4Task 1 (up to 500 words)Think of a story/scenario about an incident/event/problem which hasoccurred or is currently occurring in your working life and/or organisationand in which the concepts of motivation, group dynamics andcommunicationare relevant.Write this story/scenario down (in no more than 500 words or one page).Be sure to include the titles/descriptions of key people/actors anddescriptions of relevant situational variables (who?what?where?why?how?).Several examples of scenarios appear in the ‘Assignment 2’ topic area onthe StudyDesk(Note: some of the concepts may differ in the scenarios from the conceptsyou are asked tocover).Guidelines to write the scenarioThe scenario should commence with an opening statement which sets thescene in terms of the relevance of the scenario to you.
The scenario must describe an event/problem which could be analysedfrom a motivational perspective.The scenario must describe an event/problem which could be analysedfrom a groupdynamics perspective.The scenario must describe an event/problem which could be analysedfrom a communication perspective.The story/scenario should be concrete (about real people, actions andevents); familiar to a work setting and believable to those who read it.Structurally your story should involve a setting, a build up (trouble’scoming!) and a crisis, problem or climax.The information you include in this assignment is for assessment purposesonly. If you feel the need, you are welcome to change identifyinginformation such as names of people, organisations and places. If you feela particular scenario is too sensitive to discuss then please select anotherscenario from your experience that you are comfortable discussing inyour assignment.Task 2 (1500 words)Analyse the scenario/event/problem by critically discussing the followingorganisational behaviour issues as they pertain to the scenario:1. Choose two motivational theories from module 3 which are relevant toyour scenario and critically discuss what impact theevents/incidents/problems in this scenario are likely to have on themotivation of the people identified in the scenario. (500 words)2. Draw on the content in module 4 to critically discuss group dynamicsin the scenario. (500words)3. Draw on the content in module 5 to critically discuss communication inthe scenario.Task 3 (2 page table)Make recommendations:Draw up a table(1-2 pages) and summarise what actions could betaken to manage (1) the motivation of the people identified in the scenario;what actions could be taken to improve (2) the group dynamics/functioningin the scenario; and (3) what actions could be taken to improvecommunication in the scenario. An example of a previous assignment
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