B8IS100 Data Management & Analytics : Assignment

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Dublin Business SchoolAssessment BriefAssessment DetailsModule Title:Data Management & AnalyticsModule Code:B8IS100Module Leader:John RowleyStage (if relevant):Level 8 DegreeAssessment Title:Data Analytics with PythonAssessment Number (if relevant):2 of 4Assessment Type:Practical and ReportRestrictions on Time/Length:Minimum 500 WordsIndividual/Group:IndividualAssessment Weighting:10% of module grade.Issue Date:14thNovember 2016Hand In Date:4thDecember 2016Planned Feedback Date:2 weeksMode of Submission:ElectronicAssessment TaskThis assessment is to assist you in learning the Python language forStatistical Analysis on data.Using the Introduction to Python course from datacamp.com -http://www.datacamp.com/Please submit the Certification image showing the completion of thisIntroductory Python course.Based on this course please create an example use case based on eitherimporting a CSV file or some other data that you have created or found.Use a python package to visualise the data.For more information on Python visualisations check out:https://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2015/05/data-visualization-pythonhttps://blog.modeanalytics.com/python-data-visualization-libraries/Please ensure that the image of your python use case appears in yourreport and that your report (roughly 500 words) describes-how you achieved the graphics based on your datasetwhat information could be gleamed from the datasetwhat other ideas/concepts could be represented pythonvisualisations if you had more timeRequired:2016-20171
1.Prepare a report clearly setting out your research, commentary, insight, and findings of atleast 500 words including recommendations.2016-20172
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