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Assignment 5thAs the work force is diverse with multiple conflicting priorities, a nurse leader’s fundamental and the most crucial healthcare leadership functions, starts with the communication where the information get transmitted for making one understandable to other. The communication can at times be a challenge, since the leaders are the only person responsible for the information they are providing, so the communication must be efficient as well as effective in order to maintain the performance of the organisation [ CITATION Lau06 \l 1033 ]. So, the methodologies of communication I will be using for developing a shared vision with the stakeholders are through meeting, or by holding conference calls or by way of Newsletters, or by sending Email and also Posters and Flyers at times. Stakeholders can be any person, like the primary customers, i.e. the patients or can also be the employees who have their interest vested in the company[ CITATION Fra06 \l 1033 ]. So, sharing vision with a wide range of stakeholders must be made through black and white, that is through written communication, since human memory can be challenging at times, so, when things gets jotted down, it gets easier to present before the stakeholders and in so doing a complete report can be produced which will then help in benefitting the community members for their need [ CITATION Jan02 \l 1033 ]. In order to apply strategic management to make my visions for outreaching the program to make it a reality the strategies must be formulated as against the allocated resources for developing a competitive advantage which will then allow the organisation achieve the goal in a successful way [ CITATION Kat01 \l 1033 ]. As strategic management creates a direction which helps the organization to take an approach to pursue their vision with a strategic intent. Strategic management helps in identifying the internal and external environments so that the strategies canget formulated, so basically strategic management is concerned with the planning part based on the resources or the process used or the skills which are adopted, but in order to cope with the contingent factors both externally and also internally, each are every step are monitored[ CITATION Kir07 \l 1033 ]. Hence the changed circumstances on a persistent basis helps the organization in understanding the strategic position, based on which the strategic choices for future can be worked out and then implemented or incorporated within it. So, while using strategic management for sharing vision to the stakeholders, is in managing and integrating the relationship along with the interests of the stakeholders for ensuing prolonged success of the organization, since the stakeholder approach is emphasised on the business environment to be actively managed towards the promotion of the shared interests [ CITATION Max95 \l 1033 ]. ReferencesFrancesco Perrini Antonio Tencati. (2006). Sustainability and stakeholder management: the needfor new corporate performance evaluation and reporting systems. Business Strategy and the Environment, 296-308.Jane Coughlan Robert D. Macredie. (2002). Effective Communication in Requirements Elicitation: A Comparison of Methodologies. Requirements Engineering, 47-60.

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