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Assignment 7Communication Tool for Upper ManagementFor improving the patient care the upper management needs to be communicated for support andfund. So, I will select one of the type of communication tool that I would use for presenting the ideas. The following are the few communication tolls discussed in here:The storytelling tool can provide a detailed description of the situation and can be highlighted as against the area to be improved based on the actual facts, since this idea of story- telling is an appealable approach. The prototyping or simulation helps in making the solution tangible. But, before implementing this, the costs must be evaluated based on the equipment, labour, time, and skills and in so doing the inevitable feasibility, or its applicability, and furthermore the ability to deploy can be established [ CITATION Sta14 \l 1033 ].There are also other types of communication tools, like Emails or by Power- point presentations, but based on the seriousness of the things to be communicated with the upper management, thesecannot be held to be the best. As, the overall story needs an elaboration and must focus on the measures, the limitation of themwill help in identifying the opportunity gap, and it then that the objective which are intended can be implied towards the benefits to it.The basic point for a successful upward communication is in emphasizing the benefits of the ideas I will presenting, since it is irrelevant to detail the background or the processes, so the construction of communication must be quite precise and vividly clear, so that the upper management gets the actual essence and the need of it. So, the communication tools I will be using is the prototyping or simulation, which will be containing the information which are precise, clear and only points the issue concerned. I will deploy graphics so as to engage and thereby sustain the attention of the upper management[ CITATION Eda15 \l 1033 ]. ReferencesEdaOzkara San. (2015). Using Clinical Simulation to Enhance Culturally Competent Nursing Care: A Review of the Literature. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 228-243.Stasha-GaeRoberts. Maria Warda, SusanGarbutt , KimCurry. (2014). The Use of High-Fidelity Simulation to Teach Cultural Competence in the Nursing Curriculum. Journal of Professional Nursing, 259-265.

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