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Running head: UNIT 3 DISCUSSION BOARDUnit 3 discussion boardName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1UNIT 3 DISCUSSION BOARDAnnotated bibliographyencourages one to think critically about the work content and itsplace in wider field of study and related to one’s own research, ideas and assumptions. It helps ineffective literature review as it provides evidence for understanding sources as one read itreadily. A good annotated bibliography provides an opportunity to validate one’s own researchand review material present in literature. It helps to situates study and underlying researchproblem in continuous professional conversation. In addition, annotated bibliography alsoprovides an opportunity for others for determining whether source cited are helpful for researchor not. Most importantly, a good annotated bibliography assists researchers in determiningwhether one is interested in the topic as it provides background information. Annotatedbibliography provides an idea of various scholarly investigations that one performs in aparticular area of research or study. Research skills are also enhanced where critical reading andidentification of key points in a research can be done. The content can be synthesized effectivelyand schematically helping readers to determine validity and its usefulness in relation to topic ofinvestigation and research problem that in turn help in composing an effective literature review(Woodward, Elliot & Nagel, 2013).Thepolicy analysiscannot be done by internet search and gathering relevant dataregarding issues associated with the policy. The analysis of the issue needs to be done frompolitical and stakeholders’ perspective taking legislation and regulations into consideration.Stakeholders include businesses, community groups, citizens and non-governmentalorganizations where their influence and relative power and solutions are discussed. Heuristicmodel or policy cycle can be used to analyse the policy problem from implementation state topractice. Policy tools are used for the analysis and evaluation and various viewpoints can betaken into consideration looking for effectiveness of policy, cost, money, outputs or outcomes.
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