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Assignment | Australia's Multiculturalism

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Running head: LITERATURE REVIEWLiterature Review: Religious levels of Satisfaction Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
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1LITERATURE REVIEWResearch Question: R1: what are the aspects of religious satisfaction?R2: what are the levels of religious involvement?R3: How does religion affect the life of a student who is religious in nature?R4: Does religious faith bring about a change in character and behavior of a person?Literature ReviewAccording to Routon and Walker (2015),Australia is known for multiculturalism andencouraging immigrant population to build a lively hood in the country. Hence, there is a hugepopulation of diverse religious and cultural background. Religion drives culture background andoutlines the behavioral pattern of many students in Australia (Ng Tseung-Wong and Verkuyten2015). Students from ethnic background are most of the time facing discrimination, there are alsovarious reports on the rage and outbreak if intolerance in colleges and schools (Byrne 2014).Islamic religious students have been reported to be forced to involve in activities which areregarded against the religion (Edgell, Hartmann, Stewart and Gerteis 2016). According to Tummala-Narra (2015), Religion is something that is taught to a child whilehe or she is being brought up by the parents or guardians. For an immigrant or an internationalstudent there is an identity crisis that takes place which is most of the time fulfilled by religioussatisfactions (Kheswa 2016). For example even if a couple adopts a child, the child usually takesup the religion of the parent. Later in life it is a choice that consciously an individual implementsto lead a life that he or she aspires to live and also inculcate the values learnt from the religion inthe daily life (de la Torre and Martín 2016).
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2LITERATURE REVIEWAn individual is bind with the help of religion; religion gives a set of guidelinesfollowing which a person can lead an honorable life. Every religion is different from each otherbut the idea behind any religion is the same (Harttgen and Opfinger 2012). Be it the 10commandments or the exurbs from the Quran, all the state the way to lead a life. For a studentwho is purposing higher studies needs to focus on life to be successful and religion can be oneaid which can help him or her set a path (Turner 2016). Much like any other factors that drive thelife of an individual, religion also has certain prerequisites which have to be fulfilled for a personto be having a satisfied state of mind where he or she can express and follow religion aswished(Harttgen and Opfinger 2014). Some of the basic aspect of religious believe is firstly aspace of worship, by space it means physical space and a mental space as well. Another aspect ofreligious satisfaction is the practicing without being judged for being religious (Foxcroft,Moreira, Almeida Santimano and Smith 2015). Religious faith in an individual depends on how he or she has been brought up and thereligious believe of the family of the person (Bekke-Hansen et al. 2014). Participation in worshipand following some of the religious guidelines loosely is most common among the students(Shanto 2016). For example: consumption of pork meat is restricted in Islamic culture and hencemost religious students do not consume pork eve if he or she is living away from home or in thecollege campus (Possamai et al. 2016) Involvement of religion and spirituality in the lives ifstudents, have brought about important difference in aspects of the cultural coping styles andreligious problem-solving styles. Most of the time people form ethnic backgrounds are foundmore religious than others in the student community of Australia (Frisk 2015). Most of the timereligion is associated with stress reliever for a person who is religious and spiritual in nature(Coleman 2016). Religious symptoms in the lives of students also promote healthy lifestyle
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