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Assignment - Effective & Efficient Management In Construction Projects

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Added on  2019-09-30

Assignment - Effective & Efficient Management In Construction Projects

   Added on 2019-09-30

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Faculty ofComputing, Engineering and the Built EnvironmentModule GuidePostgraduate ProgrammeAcademic Year 2016-17Module Code / Title:BNV7044 Innovation in ConstructionMoodle-site: of Engineering and the Built EnvironmentModule Co-ordinator:Dr Niraj ThurairajahModule Tutors:Mr. Vermy Gunaratne and Mr. Nalin GilbertContact Brief Descriptions of the Items of Assessment:You will be expected to complete ALL Assessments.1.Poster (30%): Two A2 size poster or One A1 size to show fundamentals of an innovative idea, reason for its selection and its applicability in within the selected context.2.Report (70%): Coursework assignment requiring the following elements:a.introducing the innovative idea, a substantive argument for its selection and critically analysis of its applicability in generalb.development of a substantive argument critically analysing an innovation in practice and presenting an argued strategy that might be more successful. 3,000 word limit.Information is for guidance only. See iCity/Moodle on the intranet for details.Assessment Weightings:See iCity/Moodle on the intranet for details.Assessment deadline dates:See iCity/Moodle on the intranet for details. deadline date:Will be notified by ICBT Campus
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Support available for students required to submit a re-assessment:The Module tutor will be available to provide feedback and guidance on your re-assessment and you are advised to contactthem at the earliest opportunity. This can be done via email withmodule tutor during the period preceding the hand in date. The re-assessment Coursework will be available to download from MOODLE and support materials will be available on MOODLE to assist you with the re-assessment. Individual assignmentsThe work you submit shall be your own and not the product of collaboration with anyoneelse. Plagiarism will be penalised.Classroom ConductNo student has the right to disrupt classes. Such behaviour denies other students the opportunity to benefit from the full educational experience. You may be asked to leave if your behaviour is considered to be unacceptable. It is therefore expected that you should:Arrive punctually to all sessions.Preferably sit to the front of the lecture room.Avoid talking to other students during taught sessions unless specifically requested to do so.Concentrate on and engage in the lecture and/or seminar.Raise a hand before contributing verbally.Above all, please treat staff and fellow students as you would like to be treated - with respect.Academic RegulationsYour studies will be governed by the Standard Postgrauate Assessment Regulations(SPAR 2). Under these regulations you are permitted three attempts at assessment for each module:a first sit and two re-assessment attempt. This means that you will be required to withdraw from the course if, following the finalreassessment attempt, you have not passed.Faculty: CEBESchool/Department: BSBEModule Title: Innovation in ConstructionProgramme(s) on which the module is delivered: MSc Construction Project Management, MSc Quantity Surveying and MSc Environmental Sustainability
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